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MB&F is one of those brands that never ceases to amaze and to keep that reputation going. At Baselworld this year, the company unveiled a fantastically whimsical robot clock called the Melchior. The robot is made using a mixture of steel, chrome-plated brass, palladium-plated brass and, with the movement included, is comprised of 480 parts. It’s a wonderful and playful design and I especially like how they incorporated the balance wheel to form the “brain” of Melchior. This is the second collaboration between MB&F and the prestigious clock manufacturer L’Epée and will be limited to just 99 pieces.

Inside the Arnold & Son CTB Chronograph is the in-house made caliber A&S7103 automatic movement. The automatic rotor spins on ceramic ball bearings and it has a power reserve of about 50 hours, operating at 4Hz (28,800). The movement is further slightly dark gray in its finishing, which is attractive. Arnold & Son still lacks some of the extremely fine hand-finished look of some of its competitors, instead offering movements that are a bit more machine-decorated in look. But there is still a lot of hand finishing and, of course, assembly.

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While the colors of the Richard Mille RM 60-01 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Regatta Les Voiles de St. Barth limited edition are playful and almost toy-like in their appearance, a simple glance at the watch is enough to allow you to appreciate that this is a serious wrist machine. The Richard Mille RM60-01 case is quite massive, measuring 50mm wide, with a steep thickness to match. With that said, the finely machined titanium case is impossibly comfortably on the wrist. I find that this is true of many Richard Mille timepieces - ergonomics are part of the value proposition, and you'll never wear a watch so large that you'll forget is there.

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The mechanical movement inside of the HYT H3 watch is manually wound and will offer about 170 hours of power reserve. There is a power reserve indicator visible on the rear of the case on the movement. No doubt that this new HYT design will prove just as controversial as their past high-end watch releases, but, at the end of the day, will work to vulcanize the brand's many fans.

You might expect a watch store which carries A.Lange & Söhne, Cartier, Harry Winston, Hermes, Hublot, IWC, Rolex, and Vacheron Constantin to be a stuffy place in a mega city. Yet, nestled in a Rocky Mountain valley (at almost 8,000 feet elevation), the town of Aspen is home to Meridian Jewelers, who pride themselves on their unpretentious, laid-back atmosphere. While less than 7,000 people call Aspen home, it is nevertheless a world famous magnet that attracts the rich and famous as well as regular folks to ski and enjoy outdoor activities year round.

As mentioned above, the watch, conceived as a limited edition of 11 pieces, was to be a round timepiece with a hand-wound movement featuring hours, minutes, and seconds indications, and a one-minute tourbillon. While the approach is meant to be relatively pure, its result is nonetheless a complex-looking watch with a complicated dial that proudly showcases a variety of design elements and finishing techniques.

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One difficult part with blue dials, is manufacturing them with consistency. The same exact production process with a tiny viable change can alter the color and ruin the production batch. For that reason, most blue tones are not only hard to find a formula for, but difficult to manufacture in any number. Tudor, of course, explained how they needed to go through hundreds of various blue shades to find this right one.

In addition to the artistically dense filigree engraving on the case, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175 is large for a Patek Philippe – some even claim totally unwearable, at 47.4mm wide. Now that size isn't inherently too large for many other watches, but the very large lug structures make the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175's case very long. Nevertheless, given all the complications inside, it is impressively thin at just 16.1mm. I think the right people (hopefully a few of them will be among the six owners) will be able to strap this baby on and appropriately wear it – with proper regal attire. While nothing about the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175 says "elegant" or "contemporary and tasteful," it does look like a timepiece European royalty in the middle ages might have worn. Assuming characters in medieval fantasy universes such as Middle Earth (from Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit) or Westeros (from Game of Thrones) wore watches, their kings and high lords would probably all wear something that resembles the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175.

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These days, it has become rather popular, or dare I say trendy for brands to reminisce. When you have a brand that has its foundation in the 1830s, as Longines does, the assignment of "Heritage" to a collection can carry a bit more weight. And when you can base a new watch off of something produced in the 1950s – for the British Army, in this instance – then Heritage is an appropriate name. In the case of the Longines Avigation, it makes for a modern watch with a nice retro appeal.

Last, but not least, a black-red NATO strap also comes with the watch and I found that it works really well with the color scheme of the watch – it also makes the red Florijn logo on the dial stand out a bit more. With a lug-to-lug width of 24 millimeters it should be easy to pick up some extra aftermarket straps, but also it's highly recommended to do so, as the mono-chrome design of the watch makes it easy to drastically change its looks with some colorful straps.

Another option is the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial, a range of watches with different dial colors and either a 38.5 or 41.5 millimeter wide case, now sporting Omega's Master Co-Axial in-house calibers. Priced right at around ,000 for the larger model, the most noteworthy difference here is the 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic properties of the movement that, thanks to the use of only non-ferrous materials in its construction, can be seen through a sapphire case-back while still remaining to greatly resistant to magnetic fields. A steel case and bracelet, along with five different dial color combinations is what this collection offers, at a few hundred dollar premium. If anything, the new Omega Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial may be the toughest competitor of the Oyster Perpetual.

This new automatic movement is the result of three years worth of development and represents far more than an update to their Epsilon calibre. Nomos' goals with the DUW 3001 were size (it needed to be very thin), accuracy (chronometer grade), and scaled production, which would allow them to use the movement to its fullest without having to significantly raise their prices. Nomos has always offered a recognizable aesthetic, very competitive pricing, and solid technology, and the DUW 3001 will support the future of these values.

With this system, the time can be read pretty much as precisely as on a traditional analog dial. Like I said, it takes bit of getting used to, but it's pretty simple, once you get the hang of it. I tend to find most watch faces that use discs versus hands to be unattractive and boring. Most of them promote the mere novelty that they use discs versus hands and leave the creativity there. Thankfully, SevenFriday didn't do that, and the entire design of the SevenFriday M-Series dial uses a series of interesting elements and layers. For one of the first times I can recall, I've found a disc-based watch dial that I feel is truly interesting and cool to look at.

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The massive, masculine case design, the selection of nice straps and good legibility make the Florijn Drie easy to love – and forget its minor shortcomings. Price for the Florijn Drie is €425 or 0 USD including VAT, and €351 or 0 USD without taxes.

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The Bulova Bellecombe's steel case is offered in a series of styles, including this two-tone model which mixes polished steel with a rose gold tone. This particular ref. 65R164 Bulova Bellecombe has 42 diamonds on the case and dial - according to Bulova, are all set by hand - which is nice in a watch at this price point. I happen to think that it is a welcome feature to have diamond hour markers in a women's watch, along with helping legibility. This newer Bulova Bellecombe's dial is easy to read, but I think it might have benefited from luminant on the hands for darkness viewing. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal.

The Linde Werdelin concept pre-dated Halda's by about five years, but both are the product of Northern European design (While UK-based, Linde Werdelin was started by a pair of Danes) and share a common vision of how adventure-lovers with a taste for luxury can enjoy their watches. The irony, of course, is that no matter how attractive or durable these high-end electronic instruments are going to be, they are never going to best those produced by major companies invested in making wearable computers. Of course, that point is a bit arguable with the Halda Space Discovery, because its "intended" use is for space flight, and there isn't exactly enough people flying in space right now for a company to produce wrist instruments exclusively for astronaut types. So in that sense, Halda joins companies like Breitling and Omega that continue to produce quartz-based electronic timepieces for space flight.

This kind of balance does not happen by accident. Great pains have been taken to reduce the thickness of almost every component in the watch. Piaget state that the canon pinion is 0.12mm thick, the barrel staff 0.115mm, and the chronograph gear finger a staggering 0.06mm. The Calibre 883P is a world-leading 4.65mm thick. Despite its diminutive size, it also boasts a 50-hour power reserve.

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In the United States, the Grand Seiko SBGR watches are exclusively available in Seiko boutiques - which right now limits them to the Seiko store in New York City. I don't even think the Grand Seiko SBGX watches have or will officially make it to the US. Retail price for the Grand Seiko SBGX models is 320,000 Yen (about ,700) while the Grand Seiko SBGR077 and SBGR079 retail for ,225.

Pebble ‘Time’ Smartwatch Puts Pebble Back In The Game: New User Interface, Notable Design Updates

Pebble ‘Time’ Smartwatch Puts Pebble Back In The Game: New User Interface, Notable Design Updates

For a long time I've been after a cool sporty dive watch with a mother-of-pearl dial. One that is nevertheless masculine... I think with the Kentex Marineman Seahorse I got exactly what I was asking for. The naturally glossy and slightly colorful dial material looks attractive and gives the otherwise utilitarian design a decorative look.