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Selecting a public setting to conduct a trade is a simple but smart security precaution, especially when the exchange involves carrying high-value goods to and from the meeting. Bring a friend or two for good measure. Popular restaurants, social clubs, and specialized watch enthusiast meet-ups such as Red Bar are good venues. The more watch-literate witnesses on hand, the better. If one’s proposed trading partner is a sincere enthusiast acting in good faith, he should be reassured by these measures. Any reluctance to deal in person, in the company of witnesses, or in an active public location should be viewed as a serious red flag and cause to reconsider.

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What we see here are two "new" versions of the Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater watch. One, in an all 18k red gold case (ref. J031033202) with a fully engraved dial, as well as case; and another, in 18k white gold with a semi-skeletonized dial (ref. J031034203). Each is remarkably mesmerizing in its own way. These are products that even lowly Jaquet Droz company employees are proud of, because "their company was able to produce it." Luxury watches like the Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater are as marvelous to behold as they are deficient in practicality. The world may go on as people struggle and nations war, but somewhere in a peaceful place in Switzerland, a comfortable team in clean white watchmaker's gowns are focused on making a small machines with hand-engraved (and in most instances painted) small automaton birds that bob around as the mechanical movement chimes out the current time with a ballet of hammers and gongs.

IWC Aquatimer Deep Three Depth Gauge Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Bulova Accutron II Surveyor With Precisionist Movement Watch Review

Bulova Accutron II Surveyor With Precisionist Movement Watch Review

5. Rolex Ambassador Sir Jackie Stewart On Watches, Cars, And Good Taste

While I really like the Tudor Black Bay, I have to admit that the original brown dial and the burgundy bezel felt a little overdone to my eyes. Even in dressier forms like the Tudor Black Bay, I like my divers to be a bit more muted. So, when I was first handed a Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue (79220B) during a Tudor-hosted dinner at Baselworld this past March, I was thrilled to find the aesthetic had been dialled back. Though perhaps a little less romantic, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue is the quietly-confident and understated of these two nearly-identical twins.

Apparently, in late 2013, TAG Heuer mentioned the TAG Heuer Carrera MP4-12C Chronograph McLaren watch on their Facebook as a testament to their long relationship with McLaren (because apparently in the past McLaren used Heuer stopwatches). As of now, I don't think the watches have shipped. What is a bit funny is that McLaren has actually officially stopped producing the MP4-12C car - whose name is part of the watch and on the actual dial. McLaren replaced the MP4-12C car in 2014 with the new McLaren 650S.  At least the cars look a bit similar.

Reality struck when I was on the road back to the lodge - back to my real life - and a glistening Pagani Huayra pulled into a gap I was building for the traffic ahead. The Huayra, while different in so many ways, competes in the same circles as the Bugatti Veyron, and seeing one on the road was a stark reminder that I was nothing more than an interloper in this existence.

Compared to the steel SBGE001 watch, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE015 feels like a feather on your wrist given the more light weight metal. Titanium Grand Seiko watches aren't terribly rare, but they are often limited edition or more exclusive models compared to their steel cousins. It is comfortable enough to wear all the time and as a daily wear, if you wanted to have just one watch.

For the ultimate in performance, style, Swiss refinement, and reliability Victorinox Swiss Army's Night Vision watch collection is an ideal way of having a powerful LED flashlight without having to carry extra gear. Prices for the Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision watch collection range from 5 - 5 USD. For more information or to purchase, visit

One estimate of the best efficiency we see today from the current system puts things at about 40% – among the very few concepts concerning the efficiency of mechanical movements is Cartier's sci-fi inspired ID Two. If there were a way to improve this, we would of course have dramatically increased power reserves, which in turn would make watches reliable and could likely make room for "heavier" complications. As it turns out, we could also expect improved accuracy as well.

Christian Bedat: Again, at young ages, spending time around watch people from all fields. I attended my first Basel fair as a child at the age of 7, and have never missed a fair since then. I was wondering through the corridor of the fair (which was much different than it is today), looking at windows of brands and dreaming to be able to buy a timepieces from these famous brands.

Samsung Gear S Introduces Curved Screens To Smartwatches Watch Releases

In our feature article yesterday, we discussed the Top 10 Watch Blog Articles Of 2014 or, more specifically, ten of our articles which have seen the highest traffic in 2014. Today, we are giving you our Top 10 Editor's Choice Watch Articles Of 2014, a selection of posts which have fired up heated discussions among members of our audience, have amazed watch enthusiasts around the globe, and have provided previously unseen and unavailable insight and analysis. Let us now discover ten of these articles which we thoroughly enjoyed making.

Therein lies another clever bit of design - while the Unitas 6497-1 provides the basic movement, MeisterSinger developed a column wheel chronograph module (with the assistance of Jean Fillon) that operates via a single pusher which is integrated into the crown. Through that pusher, you have got the basic start, stop, and reset. All told, the MeisterSinger Paleograph is a 43mm chronograph that looks to be one of the stealthiest "chronos" I've seen in some time.

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However, unknown to many, Graham also has a line of more classically styled watches, under their Geo.Graham collection. “Geo” actually has two meanings here. Firstly, Geo is short for George, or rather George Graham, the English watchmaker that the brand gets its name from. Secondly, Geo also refers to geology and that the watches in this collection are somewhat inspired by this subject – or rather astronomy, to be more precise.

Swatch Sistem51 Watch - Cool New Styles For 2015 Watch Releases

Uniform Wares 351 Series 351/RG-01 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Bovet Recital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

JK: The Omega Museum is like heaven. When I started going there, it was a playground for me. It was me and Mr. Richon together - he's such a fantastic and amazing person; he helped the brand so much with his publications and scholarship. Mr. Richon would open all the cases and say, "Mr. Khorsandi, take pictures - do whatever you like!" And then he'd leave me alone. I thought, "Wow! There are millions and millions of dollars worth of watches here!" It was an honor that he trusted me like that.

The newest set of Sprindrift Racing watches are an interesting lot, and consist of two Zenith El Primero Stratos Sprindrift Racing timepieces. Each offers a unique combination of the Stratos-style case and the open-dial associated with some other Zenith watches. This is the all-black ref. 75.2060.4061/21.R573 "phantom model" in a DLC-coated steel case. The other version of the Zenith El Primero Stratos Spindrift Racing is the ref. 86.2060.4061/21.R573 which has a two-tone titanium and 18k rose gold case.

Shreve, Crump & Low: We do sponsor a number of special events throughout the year. These exclusive events will take place in our Greenwich location as we continue to work and grow with various watch enthusiasts in Boston, Greenwich and New York City.

When people ask me about getting new mechanical watches for under 0, the first thing out of my mouth is always "get something from a Japanese watch maker like Seiko, Orient, or Citizen." I say this because for the most part, these companies produce the best quality "cheap" mechanical watches. I suppose that also goes for quartz watches, if you are into that. When I talk of quality, I don't just mean the movements, but also the cases, dials, straps, etc... Japanese watches are often the first "real" watches most watch lovers end up getting, and many people (even though seriously into luxury Swiss watches) find themselves buying Japanese watches for years.

Now that some of the watches have been produced, things are going a bit more smoothly for Fiona, but there is a lot to consider such as use of new movements, what direction to go next, and keeping costs reasonable. At over ,000 each, Fiona admits that while the quality and value of the Skull watches are on par with the price, she laments that her creation is something that most of her friends cannot afford. A deeper story I'd like to explore in the near future is that fact that many small, independent watchmakers don't actually represent their own customers. While the products they create are certainly what they themselves want, they aren't often the people who can afford them.

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Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Furthermore, Hong Kong has been the focus of massive investment and attention by the watch industry over the last few years, as they have shifted many resources to the once booming Chinese watch market. Hong Kong was a primary focal point for the Chinese market, because most of the luxury sales in Hong Kong were by "mainlander" Chinese tourists, who traveled there exclusively to shop. This is not only because Hong Kong has an excellent selection of luxury goods, but prices cheaper than those in mainland China. aBlogtoWatch has covered the watch industry in Hong Kong in the past, as well as visited the long-running Hong Kong Watch & Clock fair, which our Managing Editor David Bredan last visited earlier in September 2014, just before the protests began.

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Protesters And Their Umbrellas Blocking The Way By A Cartier Boutique: Hong Kong Students Have Been Using Umbrellas To Protect Themselves From Police Pepper Spray. The Umbrellas Became A Symbol Of The Civil Disobedience Movement And Gave It Its Nickname, The Umbrella Revolution. Source:

And while the IsoSpring is still in a very early stage of development – as it is yet to be miniaturized to fit in clocks (first) and watches – I have a feeling this is work that will move forward, as greater accuracy and better power reserve are something that watch makers constantly chase. And, as this new technology is truly mechanical in nature, it seems well positioned for adoption by both the industry and watch lovers. For more on the IsoSpring, you can check out this article. To my eyes, it seems like some very interesting developments are in motion.

Orient Dress Watches: The Best Budget Option?

Orient Dress Watches: The Best Budget Option?