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Digital Revolution: Speedmaster X-33 Skywalker and earlier generations

Return Of The Zenith Rainbow Watch For 2013: Hands-On Hands-On

Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement Watch Watch Releases

The Caliber 20 is also one of the few tonneau-shaped watch movements around. For that, RGM of course put the Caliber 20 in a tonneau-shaped watch. The steel (or optional 18k gold) case is 42.5mm tall by 38.5mm wide. Case quality is fantastic. RGM does not produce their own cases, but they do finish them. The cases are however American-made and produced very nearby to where RGM is located near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I can't emphasize enough the fine finishing work on the cases and how wonderfully smooth and pleasing to the touch they are. Oh, and at 9.7mm thick, the RGM Caliber 20 watch is rather thin.

60 Years of Speedmaster - An Overview

The best feature of this watch, in my opinion, is the sunray finish on the dial. In normal lighting it appears matte black, but in sunlight it becomes a shifting play of grey to black. The hands are well sized for the dial and quite legible.

It couldn't have happened soon enough.

It took two years to finally get his first limited edition watch. Perhaps AP was waiting for Mike to announce his retirement from racing, but that is hard to say. What everyone did expect was for the eventual watch to be based on the Royal Oak Offshore, and for it to extend the modern design of the collection. It most certainly does that. At 44mm wide it is not huge by today's standards, but sits large on the wrist because of the wide lugs and chronograph pushers that make the case almost square-shaped. You can get a good idea of the size by seeing it on Schumacher's frame in the pictures.

Milestone Patek Philippe Replica Watches

It's 2013, When Will A Mainstream Smartwatch Finally Arrive? Feature Articles

Logical One is all about improving the age-old fusee and chain transmission systems that move power from the mainspring to the rest of the movement. I love these because they look like tiny bicycle chains, are hard as hell to produce, and are very clever. What are they meant to do? Basically it is all about "constant force." Meaning that as the mainspring unwinds, force to the movement is constant (versus its natural tendency to peak when the spring is fully wound and go down from there). The historical conical shape of the piece which the chain was wound around created the effect of compensating for the decrease in torque from the movement so as to maintain constant force to the movement. What does this do? It basically attempts to ensure that as the power reserve winds down, the watch does not go from running too fast to too slow... but always in the middle.

Diderich suggests that we won't begin to see any Greubel Forsey watches with Wigan art until the end of 2013, with the first piece being the Art Piece 1. That is a long time to wait to see what the two minds come up with. I personally am excited to see what miniature mechanical and artist scenes they are able to imagine. As art goes the Greubel Forsey Wigan watches will be on the most expensive side of the fence with prices estimated to be around 5,000,000 Swiss Francs per watch.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 119 – The Flava of an Urwerk Freefall

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 119 – The Flava of an Urwerk Freefall

Moonwatch Only Book Introduction - A Photo report


500 of these pieces will be made globally for 2012. IWC places "2012 Limited Edition of 500 pieces" on the rear of the watch printed on the sapphire caseback window. Each market will only get a few pieces - mostly under specific retailers. It is unclear to me just how much the mainstream consumer is still interested in very "vintage" looks, but a piece like the IWC Vintage Ingenieur feels more retro than vintage, and certainly stands on its own today being just a bit fashionably dated in its design. Price is 5,950 British Pounds and in the UK for instance is exclusively available here online or at the Watch Gallery's London Selfridges and Westfield boutiques.

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Produced as an homage to the original Chanel Première watch collection from 25 years ago, the Première Tourbillon Volant is a beautifully designed rectangular-shaped watch with a case that is made to look a bit like a baguette-cut stone. The case shape is adapted from the original Première collection, but made a bit larger of course. Inside the watch is a special flying tourbillon movement which was produced by Renaud & Papi, continuing Chanel's relationship with the mostly Audemars Piguet owned specialty movement maker and designer.

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Peter Roberts Concentrique Grand Complication 5 Watch

Peter Roberts Concentrique Grand Complication 5 Watch

Non-Official Speedmaster Watch Ambassadors

One watch that I certainly didn't want to miss discussing in 2012 is the new range of Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Manufacture watches. Upped in size and details, the Marine Chronometer Manufacture watches also contain the long awaited in-house made Ulysse Nardin calibre UN-118 automatic movement. While these are not rapid departures from the existing Marine collection, they are handsome watches with good movements and a character that has never before been more "Ulysse Nardin."

OI: Good question. Yes I already have an idea about a mechanism where I found a A.Manzoni & Fils patent, dating back to 1892. It has to do with a repetition mechanism, but I do not want to reveal much more just yet. And of course we want to redo table clocks with the 8 day power reserve mechanism that I discovered….

Interview With Oliver Ike About A. Manzoni & Fils Watches ABTW Interviews
Illka Supanen

Chronoswiss Timemaster Chrono GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Omega Speedmaster 125 Worn By BMW's Head of Design Adrian van Hooydonk

The Casio Ciroc X G-Shock watches will come in a trio of colors to match the bottle colors of Ciroc (blue) Ciroc Peach (orange), and Ciroc Cherry (red). Personally I can't stand the flavor of artificially sweetened vodkas, but that is just me. The timepieces have a bit of a feminine twist because of course they are based on Baby-G watches for women. A few men's blogs wrote about the Ciroc X G-Shock today on its debut believing it was a men's watch. Guys, it will likely measure your BAC, but this timepiece isn't meant for you.

The Commander II watch is 40mm wide in steel with a few dial styles and silver, gray, and black colors. Inside is a Swiss ETA 2836 day/date automatic movement. It appears as though some versions of the movement are Chronometer certified. At least the dial retained the quirky "Datoday" label on it. The Commander II arrives with a slightly higher-end brother, a new version of the Great Wall watch.

Omega Speedmaster 105.012-66 Racing

Breitling Avenger Seawolf Code Yellow Watch Watch Releases

Some people will probably tell you that a "sporty Vacheron Constantin" is an oxymoron. It sort of is, but that hasn't stopped a lot of traditional formal watch makers from producing high-end sport timepieces meant more for casual wear than actual active abuse. Sometimes I want to think of a sport watch as something that is meant to go deep, go high, or be beaten up. Anything in an 18k rose gold case with an alligator strap probably wouldn't volunteer for all that. Then again, pieces like this Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph will jump at the chance to sit on your wrist whilst you cruise down a country road in a grand tourer. What, your Sundays aren't like that?

Inside the SBB Vintage is a manually wound Swiss ETA 2801-2 mechanical movement that you can see through the display caseback. This older movement is not commonly used, but you can see it here. It sort of looks like a smaller UNITAS. Personally I would have liked the watch to contain an automatic, but I suppose that wouldn't have been "vintage" enough. Manually wound watches to do have their fans however. Mondaine claims that the piece will be limited to just 400 pieces - though the watches are unfortunately not individually numbered it seems. What I would like to see is Mondaine to step it up a bit and have some nicer watches that have quality on par with say Movado. I think that a very slick, refined version of the classic SBB Railways watch in the 00 range on a nice bracelet would get a lot of takers. Price for this piece is about 4.

Video Interview: Bell & Ross Introduces New Watches At Baselworld 2013

Video Interview: Bell & Ross Introduces New Watches At Baselworld 2013

Omega Speedmaster QUARTZ LCD

Don't let me get off on the wrong foot by making this review sound like I am talking about a Chinese copy of something European. That isn't exactly the case here. My opening point was however to suggest that in the case of getting a tourbillon, there are fair offerings from Chinese brands that are all less expensive than their European counterparts. Are they analog watches or replicas? No. They are merely Chinese expressions of the same complications, and the best of them have some Asian flair. This is a review of the Memorigin Military Tourbillon, and I have to admit that after several months of wearing it off and on, I've grown quite attached to it.

The P.9100/R is no conventional chronograph movement, offering dual barrels supporting 72 hours of power reserve alongside a column wheel chronograph with a vertical clutch. Comprised of 328 pieces with 37 jewels, the P.9100/R even incorporates a KIF Parechoc anti-shock system. This movement is currently only used in the Regatta 3 Days and, along with the practical chronograph display, also features a flyback chronograph and a regatta countdown feature that is as cool as any I've ever seen.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Graham
>Model: Chronofighter Oversize Black Sahara
>Price: ,900 USD
>Size: 47mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Someone who has an appreciation for refined sports timepieces but doesn't want to wear the same thing everyone else is.
>Best characteristic of watch: Sporty looks that grow on you in a well-refined alternative sports watch.
>Worst characteristic of watch: On the pricier side and with a strap that will need to be replaced in time.

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See Us Learning To Build Watches This Week #fcwatchweek