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Alain Silberstein Hebraika Hebrew Calendar Watch Watch Releases
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Alain Silberstein Hebraika Hebrew Calendar Watch Watch Releases
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According to Chéca, the watch is meant to appear like the "tortured" pieces of metal that lay thousands of feet underwater being corroded and abused by the elements. This is how a lot of metal on ships tends to end up after that long submerged in salt water. The metal here is bronze - although I understand that little bronze was actually used on the titanic. Though bronze does have the quality of oxidizing - so this watch will look even more weather battered in a few years. This one-off watch is big at 72mm wide (with crown) and  about 21mm thick.  Really massive. The form of the watch resembles the other Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA timepieces, but does not look exactly like them. It is as though the standard line has been, well...melted. From the messed up looking crown, to the hands on the dial that look too sad to read, this watch will work. I have a feeling that it will share the other models' ETA 2892 automatic movement inside of the watch. The highly abused looked of the watch continues onto the strap and the clasp. None of it feels realistic - as though it was pulled out from the depths - hence the artistic component. The only smooth and clean looking element of the watch is the sapphire crystal that is perfectly round and clear. The water didn't touch that part!

Each watch is a little bit different in size and from about 40-41mm wide in 18k white gold. Inside the watch is a Swiss automatic movement with the time being displayed on the disc through the window. As you can imagine, each watch done with this level of effort (how long do you think it takes the artist to paint each dial? A long time) is exhausting, so the collection is limited in production, though I am not aware of exactly how many pieces. One of the things that I like about this collection from Angular Momentum is that  only a few people in the world are not only going to have this type of watch, but are going to be interested in this type of watch. Eventually watches such as this are going to be in museums for future generations to speculate about. They will wonder about the types of people that purchased timepiece like that, and the social circles that they were worn in. Prices for the watches is likely to be around ,000 each.

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He has a black dialed Ernst Benz ChronoFlite Word Timer watch on the steel bracelet. Ernst Benz watches on a metal bracelet are the most rare it seems. The ChronoFlite World Timer is 47mm wide in steel and has a Swiss automatic mechanical GMT movement - likely an ETA 2893-2. The watch also comes with a white dial and a legion of leather strap options. I think it looks pretty handsome with the bracelet. Plus, Tony likes it that way.

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The movement is the Omega Caliber 3603, that has a nice list of qualities. It is an automatic, of course has Omega's Co-Axial escapement, and also has a column wheel based chronograph complication. Like I said before, there is also the date and the independently adjustable GMT hand. The movement is also a COSC certified Chronometer with 55 hours of power reserve. All these qualities together make for a very nice Omega that should really get you excited whether you are a Speedmaster fan or an idle viewer of Omega watches. Price retails for ,600.

A face like this is designed to be easy to read, which it is. That is what you need to remember if you think it appears to spartan. Another area that I am curious about experimentation is the size of the hands. I like the shape of the hands, but they could use a bit of a size increase to compliment the diameter of the dial. Still, they don't really negatively impact your ability to read the watch. I would have also liked to see lume on the dial or hands - but they again IWC doesn't do this most of the time either. From a style perspective, a watch like this is certainly a step up from analog Timex timepieces out there you saw being worn a lot. Also, the case is water resistant to 50 meters and the crystal is mineral.

Right around the movement in the watch is a special material called d30 (TM). It was originally developed for the British Army, and has an incredible amount of shock absorbency. The orange colored silly putty like material has the unique ability to go from hard to soft in a very fast time. Meaning that shock going to it makes the material soft for an instant before it is bounced back and dissipated while the material turns hard again. Applications for such materials are endless, and it is used fantastically as protection for a watch movement.

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The CA925 is part of the new Classico automatic chronograph collection. These run on ETA's 7750 calibre. This silver chronograph watch is available in 53mm as well as the more accessible 45mm size. The tan leather strap shows how these watches can be dressed more casually. The strap retains its luxurious feel with an alligator leather lining. The "sandwich" dial on the CA925 is made up of a beige plate revealing carbon fiber hour markers. New U-Boat Classico 925 Series Limited Edition Silver Watches Watch Releases

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Boucheron Bestiary Ronde Seconde Folle Collection, The Chameleon, Frog, And Owl Watches Watch Releases

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The movement is manually wound with a tourbillon escapement seen at the bottom of the face. As some watches focus on featuring a tourbillon as the most complex feature, the Dual Tow does not. The tourbillon just sort of placidly sits there, minding its own business... being complex and understated. The star of the dial from a technical standpoint is the planetary gear array that controls the chronograph. Like a many armed Indian God, the gear system presses multiple points at once. Claret meant to poke not only your visual interest, but at each press of the pusher, you hear a "chime." Claret's most classic talent is in minute repeaters. So the man knows a good gong and hammer show. On the rear of the watch you'll see a hammer at the top of it with a thin pieces of blue steel like a wire going around the circumference of the movement like it was an internal antenna. That thin piece of steel is the gong, and needs to be relatively rigid and not touching anything else save for the base to make sound necessary to have a deep little chime. This mechanism is one of the other things activated when you press the chronograph pusher. The concept is the same as when you get a beep each time you press a button on your mobile phone.

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Kazimon Eintausend 1000m Diver Watch

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At least, that is the target. The time part... well, that's a little shaky.

As nature survival series go, Man vs. Wild is pretty entertaining. I often want the show to be longer, showing more detailed elements of survival in harsh areas of the world without relying on most of the "tools of civilization" we rely on. I've also been getting into another survival show called Apocalypse Man (on the History Channel). This show is similar in concept, but sort of the reverse. The guy here wears a Nike digital watch I am pretty sure, but at the end of the show in the credits, there is a clear message thanking Casio. Maybe the crew has them. Apocalypse man is all about a guy trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. He is in cities, but they are totally devoid of people. So he has to scavenge and build things - it is pretty cool. Sad and sort of humorous is that the cities he is in that are all ghost town are probably in Louisiana (post Katrina) and in Michigan. What the shows have in common aside from the survivalist slant, is that they are both "looking for other people." Bear is looking to get rescued while the Apocalypse man is just looking for other (friendly) humans. I do recommend it if you get a chance to see it. That of course goes for both shows.

At first glance the 20,000 Feet Diver is nothing short of a beast. In a massive 46mm titanium case, the watch sits very tall off your wrist at almost 30mm high! Wearing the watch you smile like a kid at the novelty of it. The whole case is essentially designed to be a miniature diving capsule. Looking at it from the side you can see the round case of the watch when focusing on the intensely curved sapphire crystal that is 10mm thick to the curved screw-down caseback on the watch. If you didn't  know better, looking at the watch from the side it would appear to be some Terminator-grade robotic eyeball. Another positive quality is that the case is totally anti-magnetic to protect the movement. There is also an automatic helium release valve on the left side of the case for deeper dives when gas need to escape from the movement to help equality pressure to prevent damaging the movement.