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In a steel case that is water resistant to 50 meters the Rough Sea is 35.5mm wide but taller than it is wide so it does not feel so small. Though this is a medium-sized watch. As you can see in the "lifestyle" shot that John Isaac provides, the watch is certainly not in the family of massive dive watches. Some of you will love this, others wont. With 50 meters of water resistance this is strictly a desk (or dinner) diver watch. You shouldn't really be doing more than washing your hands or dishes with this on (more like Tame Sea). Actually, that is a bit of a shame as it would be nice to have this nice looking dive-style watch be more activity suited. Then again, most logical people would retort with the fact that something like 1-2% of people wearing dive watches even take them underwater.

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How much will it cost? The retail price in the US will be ,000. If you noticed it is not a limited edition - just like the HM4 was. MB&F will of course be limited by their production capacity which isn't enormous. As of now, the brand's release cycle will stagger a Legacy Machine with an Horological Machine. So next year expect to see the HM5, followed by the LM2 the year after that. This design dichotomy effectively forces Max Busser (and his friends) to have two heads. One pointed forward and one stuck in the past.

The T-Touch technology from Tissot watches (developed for them by ETA which, like Tissot, is Swatch Group owned) is finally making its way down-market to Swatch. This will debut in a new collection of watches called the Swatch Touch. These fun digital timepieces will come in a host of colors and have no pushers/button. Rather, all the functions of the watch will be activated via touching zones on the dial.

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Breitling Superocean Heritage

At the top of the new IWC Big Pilot Top Gun collection is the Perpetual Calendar. It uses IWC's outgoing great perpetual calendar automatic movement with a seven day power reserve. In the cool ceramic case with bold dial, this is a killer timepiece. The chronograph models uses IWC's new 89365 automatic movement that measures up to 60 minutes. IWC opted for a two versus three dial look on the watches. Though three register chronographs are available in the non Top Gun Big Pilot line.

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One of the new Richard Mille watches to be debuted in January for 2012 is this RM 037 timepiece. While not the flagship new product, it is a nice watch that represents another nice and super pricey daily wear. The design evolution is quite interesting. Taken from previous Richard Mille watches are the hour markers and hands. The case is new, being a sort of hybrid between the thin-cased rectangular case models and those with Richard Mille's signature barrel-shaped case design.

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Understanding the Spherodrive technology and its benefits made me suggest back in 2009 that (and I am paraphrasing) "all mechanical movements should use this technology someday." Unless there are mechanical drawbacks that I am not aware of, the Spherodrive system for connecting mainspring barrels to movements is a no-brainer improvement over the the standard technique. There is however the matter of price. Eterna's Madison Eight Days watch retails for 11,950 Swiss Francs. True, quality is high and you get an in-house made movement, but it is still an expensive endeavor. Mechanical technophiles and serious enthusiasts will be attracted by the technology, though I am afraid many casual watch lovers simply won't understand the technology enough at this point. Eterna is moving in the right direction as a technical innovator, and I want to see Spherodrive technology implemented into more contemporary watches, in new movements with automatic winding, and at prices that are in the ,000 - ,000 range.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 76 – A Watch Can Save Your Life

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 76 – A Watch Can Save Your Life

A potentially unlikely spot for die-hard high-end Seiko fans is a unique shop located off the main drag in Scottsdale (area of Phoenix) Arizona. Arizona Fine Time is the watch selling arm of Cigar King, the very well-known mostly online cigar retailer. For close to a decade now they have been growing their retail and e-commerce sales of some of the more interesting watch brands in the mostly under ,000 segment that they carry. They are also the best performing high-end Seiko watch retailer in the entire US.

My history of loving watches started out with timepieces made by an old friend named Casio. As a kid I would get all excited by watches with as many features crammed in as possible. Analog pieces that just told the time bored me. I wanted my watches complex and useful. But they were plastic, and for an adult, pulling them off while trying to look presentable is hard. So most of the time you are stuck with an ugly though useful watch, or a pretty but boring watch. Yes, this is an over-simplification, but you get the concept I am trying to suggest. For me, Chopard was able to combine the best of both worlds in the Time Attack MF, being able to satisfy picky people such as myself. Though seriously, I don't get the "Time Attack" part. Does the watch have some secret weapon in it that I haven't discovered yet?

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At Basel 2011 while strolling through the AHCI area (where many of the indy watch makers display) I met watch maker Eva Leube and checked out her new piece called the Ari watch. The name was minorly ironic because she named it after her son named "Ari," and sometimes people call me "Ari" (although technically it isn't actually short for Ariel).

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How do you get your money? Kickstarter handles the transactions and money goes through Amazon Payments that you'll need to hook up to your bank account. It seems rather straight forward, though I don't know how it works with international accounts. Backers only have money taken from them if your goal amount is met, and it happens when the project timeline ends. The biggest drawback people experience is the amount Kickstarter and Amazon Payments take. I hear that in total it is about 8-9%  (Kickstarter takes about 5% and Amazon Payments takes about 3.5%) of the total amount you raise (though you'll need to consult with Kickstarter for precise details on fees and payment). Though most agree the amount is fair and reasonable.

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Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Next is a very similar watch movement, but this one has an open view into the escapement. This is the Miyota Calibre 90S5. Aside from the open escapement (for when designers want to have a window to the "beating heart of the watch" on the dial), the 90S5 should be more or less identical to that 9015. You can see full technical description of it here.

Lume is pretty good, though the lack of minute markers make readings a bit approximate.