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A lot of people have inquired to how all of this works so we'd like to give a basic overview of how aBlogtoWatch Watch Reviews work.

It feels impressively dense. 42.7mm across, 14.2mm thick at the top of the crystal. 20mm lugs, with a bracelet that tapers down to 18mm at the butterfly deployant.

An automatic winding system is inherently weak and during shock or extreme forces it can break. As a sort of "well we might as well include it" feature, Urwerk wanted to make the automatic winding system more interactive. Fully stopping the rotor will stop automatic winding, but will also feasibly protect the movement during certain sport activities. Reducing the efficiency of the spinning engages an additional gear (which is part of the "Turbine Control" system, and slows down the winding. This is useful if you are doing things like playing golf or other activities and want to slow the rotor to protect it. The rest of the time you can keep it on "full." It is easy to say that "well with such an expensive watch why would you wear it when it might break." I would agree. Not only that but the system requires you to plan in advance if you are going to take it into danger. Talk about an extremely horological lifestyle. In the end it is a sort of fun complication - that again - is meant to increase interactivity with your high-end luxury timepieces.

I wanted to include a picture of one of 2(X)IST's more common products in this review so you could compare the watch with the underwear. After spending a few minutes on Google and 2(X)IST's own website, I quickly abandoned that idea. Not that there is anything wrong (in theory I guess) with male models whose entire torsos have been waxed , but when viewing 'watch porn' I don't think people want to mix that with similar imagery... intended for a totally different audience. Let's just say that 2(X)IST watches seem to have little in common with their "male intimates" clothing products.

When it comes to watches, we all have our particular tastes - one person may love chronographs, and another may opt for a simple three-hander.  What we can all appreciate though, are a handful of attributes that a single brand has built into their entire lineup:

  1. Impeccable German aesthetics
  2. Solid build quality
  3. Impressive mechanical movements

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Are you curious about the Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch that ideally should make its Swiss way on wrists by the end of the year? So are we, and we delve right into it. We also discuss Mondaine's new automatic and Ulysse Nardin's new Freak watch models.

In the world of watches, "complication" is typically what functions are called. The more things a watch does, the more complications it has. Most of these are historical and have been around for centuries, proving to be useful and interesting. That latter camp of "interesting" complications incorporates a lot of potentially complex features that have arguable utility. Nevertheless, we still enjoy them for the simple effort and time required to produced and assemble them. They exist for the sheer love of things "complicated."

The depth gauge uses no hands and is a very simple system. The watch's sapphire crystal is extra thick and has a groove going around its periphery leading to a hole at 12 o'clock. When inserted into the watch, this hole allows water into the groove which pushes against compressed air. The deeper you go, the harder the water pushes and this struggle of air and water can be seen on the gauge as a function of depth. The idea is a good interpretation of this concept into a watch and I applaud its inherent simplicity. I don't however know how easy it will be to read while underwater with goggles or a mask. Probably not that hard actually (in clear water that is). Just saying that this is where a brightly colored hand would shine (literally).

Ernst Benz has admittedly not released a very new timepiece in a few years. Style tweaks here and there blanket a recovery from the financial crisis which, while successful, is tended with conservative care by Ernst Benz managing director Leonid Khakin, who wears more than one hat while running the brand. Khankin is unique in the industry for being both a successful salesperson as well as a family-trained watch maker. Raised in Detroit, Khankin travels with the vigor necessary to keep a growing watch brand not only competitive, but also well situated for market expansion. He admits to me that the next steps for the brand are some much-needed innovation. Ideas aren't short, but ironically time is.

If Vianney Halter's Deep Space Tourbillon wasn't enough Star Trek watch for you then once again you have a nod to the popular sci-fi genre with a tourbillon that looks less than coincidentally like the Starship Enterprise. Everything else about the watch is meant to combine the brand's love of space in their Moon Dust DNA and Moon Invader collection, as well as extend the sci-fi theme we recently saw in the also limited edition Romain Jerome Space Craft (hands-on). With the Moon Invader, Space Craft, and Moon Orbiter, the brand practically now has the world's most expensive set of spaceship toys. I want to know when they are going to release the limited edition complete set with fully detailed backgrounds and action figures.

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2013 is the 50th Anniversary of the Carrera watch, and while the other Carrera models are nice, nothing beats the stand out vintage vibe of the Jack Heuer Special Editions. This pair of watches, celebrating famed Honorary Chairman of Tag Heuer, Jack Heuer, the Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 and the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph - Jack Heuer Editions, are eye-catching beauties that certainly belong together as a study in how Tag Heuer as a brand has evolved through the years.

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The bird was a popular subject for automatons. I believe this is because in taxidermy you can create a life-like carcass and insert moving parts into it. At the same time, a piston-like bird whistle device was able to be mechanically controlled and produce life-like bird calls. The variety of bird-based automatons is amazing. The best devices create entire scenes of animated birds all singing together viewed in a single, spring-powered performance.

Only recently have the major Swiss watch brands been developing movements for larger-cased watches. These larger movements bucked the trend of mechanical miniaturization that was a major part of the 20th century. Larger men's watches are in style right now and most men prefer a timepiece between about 40-44mm wide. Some like them even larger, but probably 95% of men would feel good with a watch in that size range. The short answer to your question is that larger watches are simply in style and will be for the foreseeable future.

The PAG240T-7 is among the rare ProTrek models that offers the sunrise and sunset times, along with goodies like a digital compass, barometer for weather prediction, thermometer, various alarms, a full calendar and more. See a full aBlogtoWatch review on the PRG240 here. Price for the Casio ProTrek PRG240T-7 is 0.

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The Sinn Rubber strap is more comfortable since it reduces the weight considerably (173g for the large folding clasp buckle and 155g for the small buckle).  However, the Sinn folding clasp (large) is sub-par.  While great looking, it is large and scratches easily and also not micro-adjustable. It has a diver extension but it's relatively long at about 10mm.  Sinn sells a smaller clasp version as well as tegimented steel versions.

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However, perhaps the shining feature of all NOMOS watches, and certainly this Tangomat GMT, is the beautiful movement showing through the sapphire case back.  The decoration is done with a flair (e.g., sunburst decoration and Glashütte pattern) reminiscent of the other (more expensive) brands in the region.  However, NOMOS manages to also maintain a unique style that differentiates them.

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As I have learned, the scientific mind is frequently drawn to the allure of good watches. Though we are but a fringe of the buying demographic, we do represent an incredibly essential role these days. As we do not represent the majority of the people with the spending power to keep the watch industry alive, we will remain second-class buyers, but we are first class opinion-generators.

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