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Over the dial is a AR coated sapphire crystal. There is a reverse mounted magnifier lens over the date - which is on a black disc actually. A cool little touch I think. While the red color is novel, this is a dial design that has more or less been around for a little while. Lovers of this watch should be mostly interested in the dial color and Rosso Corsa limited edition honor.

The sale includes some interesting vintage Rolex watches to bid on. These include a rare Rolex military pocket watch as well as some Datejust models from the 1950s. The Luxury Timepiece Event will run in the Fashion Vault until 8:00am on September 17th, when the auctions end. Check out the Rolex and other watch auctions which are part of the event here.Rolex Timepiece Sale @ Fashion Vault Ends Soon Sales & Auctions

URWERK UR-210 Watch Reminds You To Stop Being Lazy

URWERK UR-210 Watch Reminds You To Stop Being Lazy

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The first of the Seiko Golgo 13 limited edition watches is based on their recent limited edition EPD Digital watch released last year. This piece I believe is just called the Seiko Limited Edition Golgo 13 EPD watch. "EPD" is Seiko's own term for their high-resolution e-ink display. There are two styles of the Seiko Golgo 13 EPD waches (ref. SBPA009 and SBPA011). The two versions offer slightly different colored pushers and the SBPA009 comes on a metal bracelet versus a leather strap. The e-ink display has a range of screens which show the time, world, time, and calendar functions. The quartz movement is also solar powered. Mixed into the watch's functionality are images of Duke Togo from Golgo 13 - I thought that was pretty interesting. In this case, Seiko actually included Golgo 13 into the programming of the watch. The TV screen-like display and bracelet give the piece a retro-futuristic vibe, the steel, roughly 44mm wide case is black IP. Seiko will offer the SBPA009 as a limited edition of 500 pieces and the SBPA011 as a limited edition of 1000 pieces. Prices are 63,000 and 57,750 Yen respectively.

While the 8 watch is unique, the dial does remind me of the Montblanc Grand Tourbillon Heures Mysterieuses timepiece. Not exactly the same of course, but thematically similar dials. They both have tourbillons as well. Can that large set diamond on the dial live next to a tourbillon? Will they steal attention from one another? Who knows. According to Cacheux, the watch will have a five day power reserve (via a single mainspring barrel) manually wound movement with the time and tourbillon. You will be able to see the movement through the caseback window on the back of the watch. There better be a few number 8s back there or I will be upset.

The Everest EH-1 Band black strap color compliments the gloss black face of my GMT-C and the black Ceracrom bezel. After a 10 days of wearing it, a little rubber strap cleaner from Veraet ( made the Everest EH-1 Band strap a little darker and appear newer. Over time, the RubberB strap developed a little patina which was exacerbated by Veraet use, but the Everest EH-1 Band went back to looking new. It’s obvious that RubberB and Everest Horology utilize two completely different types of silicone.

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This is the Mille Miglia Rosso Corsa limited edition of 1000 pieces watch. In this instance, the Mille Miglia comes full circle in celebrating Italy once again as the Mille Miglia itself was an Italian race. Rosso Corsa is the Italian tradition of coloring their race cars red. Different teams use different shades of red, but all you need to know is that Italian racing simply equals the color red. That should explain the bright red face of this watch. Fashion types who love red will appreciate the color without understanding the nature of Rosso Corsa.

The Chopard Mille Miglia watch is an icon. There have been dozens of them and in a sense, these are like the first Hublot Big Bang watches. What do I mean? Hublot popularized the Big Bang collection by starting with a cool sporty chronograph and offering a range of different versions that all fell under the same product family umbrella. Chopard did the same thing, but started before Hublot got into the Big Bang game back in around 2004. To date, the number of Mille Miglia watches is countless, and here is one of the limited edition models for 2011.

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Speaking of Brown Safe, this article is supposed to be about their Chronos units. A range of high-end safes meant for those with a lot of watches and jewelry to keep secure. Brown Safe currently works with American Orbita to outfit the Chronos with a customizable amount of watch winder modules. The Chronos also can include all manners of shelves and drawers for jewelry and other smaller items. One cool option is the watch carousel, which is a vertical stack of winders that rotates for you to find your watches as though you were browsing for greeting cards.

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URWERK UR-210 Watch Reminds You To Stop Being Lazy Watch Releases

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To be fair, this white and red version looks a lot better to me than the black and green iteration. It may have to do with the immense amounts of dust I saw on every picture of the black version, or it may simply be that it looks less 'plastic.' Whatever the reason, I found myself liking this piece more than I thought I would. It is of course hefty and sits high on the wrist, though we'd do well to remember that neither of these are formal dress watches despite the spec list of features (tourbillons, minute repeaters and so on). Don't try and tuck these watches under your shirt cuff, it's just not gonna happen! They are made to be worn in full view of everyone within a mile and a half radius, and being honest, who wouldn't want to show off the fact that they are wearing the cost equivalent of a moderately stocked super car garage on their wrist?! The pair of these watches will run you in the ballpark of £750,000 (though they are sold separately).

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For show, there are changing color LED lights placed behind the winder modules. This means you get a bright light show when the inner cylinder spins into view and your many Big Bangs and King Power watches greet you. It is pure spectacle, but at these prices you better damn demand it. In this skin, the special item is called the Hublot Safe. It is based on the newer Dottling Morphosis watch winder safe which can be ordered in many other styles based on the cylinder architecture. An even higher-security version is available which weights 500 kilograms. Price is around 190,000 Swiss Francs. Unfortunately the cost does not include Mr. Biver personally rolling it into your living room.

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Reading the watch is done via the hour and minute hands on the right dial and the seconds on the left. The deep view into the movement is nice, but the legibility could have been improved if the Richard Mille included a full set of hour markers, not just some of them. For their size, the hands are rather easy to see, and both the hands and hour markers have applied lume. If anything saves this watch it is the view into the movement.

Inside the Rolex Sky-Dweller is the new Rolex in-house made caliber 9001 automatic movement. The automatic movement has all of the above complications and a three-day power reserve. Rolex being known for their quality standards must have been testing the 9001 movement for a while. I have no doubts that the movement will be top notch for what it is.

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For review, I have one of the high-end models offered in Omega's special "orange gold " (ref. 311. Similar to 18k rose gold, this gold alloy is a bit more orange in tone. I love the warmth of it. For more images of the steel Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph watches you can check out this previous post here. I actually discuss the movement in more detail than I do in this review - so check out that article if you haven't already in the past. By the way, this watch is also known as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph. I am not sure whether to include the "Moonwatch" part when discussing it, but you will see that part of the name a lot when searching for the watch.