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Extreme or pristine, the X-TREM-1 watch is both visually interesting and technically fascinating... and it uses magnets! Not impressed? I actually am because magnets are the traditional enemy of mechanical watches. Nothing like magnetism to totally screw up the operation of precisely moving parts. Ever wonder why "anti-magnetic" watches are a big deal? In the X-TREM-1 magnets are used to create the illusion that the steel balls contained in each of the side sapphire crystal tubes move up and down with no help to indicate the hours and minutes.

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As a 300 meter diver the watch has a sapphire crystal and screw-down crown (placed at 4 o'clock). Even as a new brand RedSea got a lot of the little details correct. This includes a relatively refined dial and a black date disc to match the face. Feeling like a high quality watch, the only thing I would recommend is to see how they can improve the look of the bezel. This is nit-picky, but the bezel, while looking very nice, makes it clear that the ring is an insert. Most bezel rings are inserts, but the difference in plane levels between the outer bezel and the ring sort of disrupts the illusion. Really a tiny thing.

- Price: 2680‚ (Approx. USD 3670)

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None of the new pilot watches are going to make you do a double take. These are all very sober IWC Pilot watches with a lot of sales appeal and handsome looks. Those looking for something wildly new are going to be disappointed, but those looking for more variations and modern approaches to classic IWC pilot watch designs will be very happy with what is new this year at SIHH.

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Inside Nivarox - The Heart Of The Swiss Watch Industry Inside the Manufacture

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Unemployed Charlie Sheen’s Over 0,000 Patek Philippe Ref. 2438/1 Watch

Unemployed Charlie Sheen’s Over 0,000 Patek Philippe Ref. 2438/1 Watch

JeanRichard Diverscope LPR Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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"Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this amazing wrist watch. Getting the watch felt like receiving a Christmas gift from my favorite watch website. The first thing that I thought when I held the watch was just how modern it felt. My personal experience with vintage watches has been mixed, but when I saw how nice this Speedy looked I was really surprised. I imagined it would be smaller but it feels just right when it is on my wrist. The dial looks really sharp and is easy to read. It took me a while to notice something very unique about the dial. The ring that has the tachymetre numbers is actually a different layer placed above the dial. On my wrist the Speedy is more comfortable than I expected and I really like how the bracelet fits. If I could give Omega any advice today, it would be to bring back this unique and comfortable watch case shape. I don't want to wear this great watch everyday to prevent scratching it or any damage. When I do wear it for special occasions I will remember that it is the prize member of my modest collection. Thank you so much again and keep up what you do!"

A good diver watch is a stepping stone for serious brands. All good brands have good dive watch. Not all of them hit a home run right away. Bremont has succeeding in defining itself through the Supermarine 500 diver. This is also the second Bremont watch that I reviewed, the first was a review of the Bremont U-2 watch. It is a beautiful timepiece that is nice to wear, and easy to own. At ,150 it isn't very cheap, but neither is the brand's persistence or ability to impress. As an alternative (or compliment) to a Rolex, Omega, or other highly popular luxury dive watch, the Bremont Supermarine Certainly holds its own. I can easily recommend (and do suggest) this timepiece.

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Rolex Explorer II

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Using Swiss movements, Bell & Ross is a contemporary French company. Even their "vintage" models have a fresh feel, while the brand's entire collection is modern through and through. How did Bell & Ross manage to retain this look while featuring a collection that is mostly aimed at the past for inspiration? I think it has to do with restraint. Design restraint. Most Bell & Ross watch designs are simple at first glance. There are a few key design features that make each piece what it is - without going overboard. I can only guess that this type of design process is difficult because rather than adding features designers often need to strip them away.

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The cases are 100 meters water resistant and have sapphire crystals. For these version Marvin uses black rubber straps. Which is an upgrade I believe from some of the previous polyurethane straps from before. The red trimmed limited edition Marvin Loeb Rally Collection watch will be limited to 88 pieces, while I believe that the yellow trimmed model will not be limited. Both will be available on Marvin's eShop. Price is ,820 each.

Watch What-If: Rolex Submariner

Watch What-If: Rolex Submariner

A maker of their own movements ('manufacture'), they are mainly known for their formal and dress watches as well as the famous 'Tourbillon under three gold bridges' of 1884.

A small part of this is Longine's massive popularity in China; I think they are the number two selling brand in China (behind Omega). That's a pretty big deal if you think about it from a sales perspective. It also says something about the Chinese market who have an incredible appreciation (and lust) for history. From what I understand, before communism took over in China, brands such as Longines were associated with much of the cultural and artistic freedom that took place in major cities such as Shanghai. Today's Chinese people look very fondly upon this period and are drawn to the brands, style, and ideas associated with the time.

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Black hand-stitched alligator with 18K gold & titanium folding buckle

Helson Blackbeard Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews It's a pirate chronograph!

In the video you can really see what the watch does. Take your hand and rotate the bezel to actually make the gears on the dial move. One gear contains the watch dial (with a Swiss quartz movement inside of it). That dial is able to spin all around the face of the watch as you play with the bezel. The operation is smooth and great to see in action. Really a neat little item and I love that Cartier made this.

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• Hours (travel time), minutes and small seconds with flyback function
• Power reserves (indications and movement)
• Pointer-type date display
• 24-hour reference time-zone
• Sphérotourbillon

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore GINZA7 Watches

The caliber 6R21A has the time with central seconds, power reserve indicator, date dial, and day of the week dial. It is essentially a complex looking day/date watch with a power reserve indicator. It is currently used in other Ananta collection pieces. You can really see the movement well in the NS_Concept watch. The neat looking Ananta katana rotor is still used in this piece. Through the back of the watch you can see some red from the retention ring that looks pretty sweet.