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Inside the watch is the automatic IWC caliber 7923 movement that has a striking similarity to the Valjoux 7750! IWC has opened up the window dial (as in the Top Gun) over the date to show three days. I know that this is done for visual symmetry, but it is a trend that annoys me frankly. Not that much though. The color scheme on this watch and the steel case material is enough to refresh the look of this watch, and makes it cool all over again. The original Top Gun version retailed for over ,000, which was rather steep. However, the IWC German National Football Team Chronograph Edition watch will likely come in much cheaper due to the lack of ceramic and titanium case materials. Look this lovely 44mm wide IWC watch soon, where ever expensive watches are sold!

Then there are the little equations that make up the numerals. I am so happy that I don't need to solve an equation to figure out what time it is. That would be hell. Rolf did a decent job, and it looks pretty organic, though there aren't equations for everything, some of the numbers are merely placed in their final value form. Oh, and the symbol for 10 is a question mark. This might be part of a word problem on the face I am missing, or he just couldn't figure out a short version to have an equation for 10. If he just put 11, then it might look like a multiplication problem, and the answer would just be 1 again. Maybe this is some form of Germanic mathematical humor that just goes over my head. Will there be an attorney themed watch ever?

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The Piaget Protocole watch is a very thin watch and inside is a manually wound Piaget in-house caliber 830P movement. Thus, these are world's thinner than the Polo Tourbillon Relatif watches. From a design standpoint, the paintings are well done being hand painted on such a small surface. There looks to be some texturing done making the whole surface look almost coin-like. While the landscapes are not true to life, they do bring out some of the more notable features of each city. Paris is made to look nice and scenic, and the Eiffel Tower stands out. New York is almost as well done, but there is the Statute of Liberty with an oddly thin looking face, and what looks to be New Jersey factories complete with smog pollution in the background. Maybe more true to life that I thought!

Finally for now, I want to explicitly thank you, and offer my attention anytime you have any questions or suggestions (Contact here).

Off To A. Lange & Söhne Watch Making Headquarters In Glashutte, Germany

Off To A. Lange & Söhne Watch Making Headquarters In Glashutte, Germany

UPDATE -- As the blog evolved, we dropped this system of rating, but it was fun while it lasted 🙂 01.25.2014

Frederique Constant Austin Healey Limited Edition Gets Tribute Watch Right

Frederique Constant Austin Healey Limited Edition Gets Tribute Watch Right
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Explaining The Good Value, Bad Idea, And Seal Of Approval Award System Evolving ABTW The next icon is the Seal of Approval Award. The origin of this award stems from my picky nature and the trust that the people in my life have in my taste, as well as my position as someone who 'knows enough about watches' to make a value judgment. My seal of approval designates that something is so impressive, I cannot help but elaborate my sentiments through the gifting of an symbolic award.

Robert Jan, everyone's favorite watch lover from the Netherlands (not to disclaim other notable Dutch watch lovers) wrote a nice piece on the Accutron Spaceview movements here. Like any good collector, he wants one of these historic pieces for his collection and get's one on eBay. Good move 🙂 I am thinking about doing it myself.

Four Black Or White Watches To Match The New Black Or White iPhone 3G Watch Style The Bell & Ross BRS line was discussed a while ago upon its initial debut. These are around the corner from being released and are a beautiful line of full ceramic watches from Bell & Ross. Styling is based on the ultra popular Bell & Ross BR-01 series, but represents a smaller (39mm versus 46mm) and thinner case. Both the white and black versions are stunning, and come with or without diamonds. The 39mm case is the perfect size to be considered "unisex," as I can honestly see these watches being appropriate on both men and women (unlike the larger BR-01) watches. To keep the watch as thin as possible, Bell & Ross curiously chose a manually wound mechanical movement. These are certain to become "the haute" Bell & Ross in the fall when they are released. Expect retail prices to start in the ,000 range for Bell & Ross BRS ceramic watches without diamonds.

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You know what I want to know? That a watch works, and well. That thought was put into the design. That it is reliable and will not need to be fixed much. Tell me what it does, and the accessories that come with it. That is it. So leave the puffery, hyperbole, and litany to a minimum.

5. "Heritage" And "History" Are THE MOST Important Factors Wealthy People Consider Before Buying Anything.

New Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Titanium Watch: Svend Andersen Finished Movement, Available Skeletonized, With DLC Watch Releases

Yea, I don't know what Jaeger LeCoultre was thinking behind this new idiotic marketing direction which is aimed squarely at one response from consumer. "Wait, what is Jaeger LeCoultre saying?" Self admittedly, Jaeger LeCoultre is stating that there seems to be some problem in the consumer's perception of the brand. So when you are checking out their advertisements, of course you aren't going to focus on the watch, but rather this relatively insulting question.

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See Limes watches on Amazon here.Limes Klassik Cartouche Watch Available: Guilloche For The Masses Sales & Auctions

Limes Klassik Cartouche Watch Available: Guilloche For The Masses Sales & Auctions
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Review Of The Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933 On Wrist Time Reviews
CITIZEN ATTESA WR 200 Eco Drive Solar Radio Controlled Mens Watch Made in Japan
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Linde Werdelin Gets In The DLC Game With The Hard Black Elemental Biformeter Watch Watch Releases I've appreciated the Elemental watch from England based Linde Werdelin for a while. I still don't understand the "Biformeter" name on the watch, but it sounds cool enough. The watches were always nice looking, very rugged, and techie looking timepieces better suited to James Bond style excursions rather than lumberjack journeys.

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1:1 Clone Breitling Watches From Original Swiss Made Replica Watches

Image by artist  Russ Schwenkler (Dangeruss).

Angular Momentum Asks "Whats Your Sign?," With The New Orbis Signifier Collection Of Watches Watch Releases The watches all start with a automatic mechanical movement inside of a 42mm black colored case. Being in the Verre Èglomisé collection, the zodiac symbol is applied on the rear of the sapphire crystal with palladium. Then diamonds are applied to represent the precise position of the stars that make up the relative constellations. Lastly, the empty spaces on the rear of the crystal are filled in with black enamel. The resulting image on the front of the sapphire crystal is beautiful with a shimmering diamond constellation and a gooey black ether that reminds you of space. The image of the constellation is rich and silvery as applied with the palladium. Lastly, you have the crescent moon cutaway where you can the disc of time.

The Grand Port Royal are among Zenith's only rectangular watches, and it is obvious a lot of time was put into the design. Interestingly enough, the watches are not mere squared watches that house an El Primero movement. Instead, the highly modern approach to the design focuses on simplicity and texture, emphasizing minor details and the functions of the watch. Details of interest involve the high grade materials, texturing on the dial, and design of the hands and font for the numbering. The case is self looks chiseled almost, stressing the angularity and displaying an overall faceted look. It is a simple shape that evoke sporty strength without pretention. The dial is framed nicely and displays another world into itself. While the case is simple, the dial is more complex. Functions involve a 30 minute chronograph, and a power reserve, in addition to telling the time. Included is the typical tiny propeller style seconds indicator in the "open" window to the movement. It is sometimes hard to see, more for looks that use, but it is fun to watch. Interestingly enough a date window is absent. Zenith probably decided it would have looked too cluttered with a date window. Actually, many 30 minute chronograph watches don't have date windows.

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Concord C1 QuantumGravity Movement (And Whatever Upcoming Watch) Annoys Me

Concord C1 QuantumGravity Movement (And Whatever Upcoming Watch) Annoys Me

The PVD coated 40mm wide watch contains an automatic ETA 2824-2 movement for years of worry free duty. Fortis interestingly placed it on a bund strap, which makes it look over. All the black is meant to enhance the visibility of the white numbering which is actually luminant. Obviously you can take the bund backing off the strap to give it a more traditional look. Everything about this watch is strictly a Fortis in terms of quality and look, except for the face. Price is further along the lower end of Fortis' range at about ,050.

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Bavarian Chrono started by taking a look at the exact instrument gauges in only VW Beetles. You are probably thinking that all the dial is, is the speedometer. Well in a lot of these cars, that is all there was. No tachometer, not much else. That is why a lot of the warning lights, fuel gauge, etc... are packed into this singular dial,  and all that is reproduced in the corresponding watch. The line ranges from a 1946 Beetle to the 1971 Beetle. There is also the instrument panel from the Italian designed 1966 VW Karmann Ghia, and of course the VW Bus T1 model from 1961 that inspired to many and barely made it up hills. I think in mint condition a VW Bus tops out at about 85mph. Which is funny because that speed is actually more than the Bus T1's speedometer allowed for. The gauge topped out at 120kph, but 85mph would be about 136kph. That is actually amusing as I am used to modern cars having a speedometer that ends way above a car's top speed (my car's speedometer tops out at 200mph, but I'm never gonna be seeing speeds anywhere near that unless my car is involved in a free fall). But, damn, I understand those were competent little people haulers even if they looked small from the outside.

The watch love returns shortly... Intermission For A Few Days While Out Of Town Announcements
1990 1st Edition Weirdos from Another Planet Calvin Hobbes Bill Watterson
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Buy It Now Intermission For A Few Days While Out Of Town Announcements
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Well, Marc has taken a completely new direction with the new Solaris lines of watch. Not only is the shape of the watch case square, but the overall theme of the watch is totally different. Rather than a soft futuristic look, the Solaris watches are retro chic. The case itself looks like an appliance dreamed up in pre-space age 1950's and 60s, but with cleaners lines. Maybe what art deco might have evolved into if industrial design took a different path in the middle of the 20th century.

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