Replica A lange Sohne Homage to FALange

Replica Frank Muller Aetenrnitas

When I first saw this new limited edition watch from Paul Picot, I thought that the logo on the dial looked a lot like something from my childhood. Check out the resemblance of Ben's lucky number 11 logo to that of GI Joe. You can't call it copying cause there is so much that looks like that. Military-esque style stars and USA colors? Never been done right? Being a fan of Paul Picot, and GI Jone, I thought I would write about it. Probably cause Ben Spies has a name that sounds like he would be a GI Joe character. I mean his last name is friggin "spies" (yes, I know it is pronounced "spees," but let me have some fun). It might as well be a verb. What exactly does Ben spy? Well the race track for the most part. The popular American MotoGP (and others) champ just might be "the real American hero" to some people. Don't forget the other MotoGP watch I wrote about here - the Tissot T-Race limited edition for NickyHayden. Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Bertolucci Giro Chronograph Watches Have A Freaky Face Watch Releases

MB&F With Boucheron Present: The HM3 JwlryMachine Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Frank Muller Revoluton

Mondaine Railway Giant Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

See Rolex watches on Amazon here.New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
RARE 1975 Rolex RED Submariner Date 1680 Matte Mark MK VI 6 Stainless Dive Watch
Time Remaining: 36m
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
ROLEX SUBMARINER Model 18mm Steel Logo Buckle 20mm Paneri Design Black Strap
Time Remaining: 37m
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
Acrylic crystal compatible with Rolex Cyclop 127 for Submariner Date
Time Remaining: 43m
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 51m
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 53m

I think Audi is the brand to mostly thank for this new Sinn timepiece. Back in 2004 (ish) they worked with Sinn to create a couple of limited edition watches branded "Audi Design." Those watches (at least some of them) you can see below, and seem to be where this squareish, cushion case style came from. Now at the end of 2010, Sinn revisits this case aesthetic with the Model 902. A very interesting retro-futuristic watch with the heart of an aviator, and a designer body.

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Replica Frank Muller Gravity skeletion

Tissot Watches At MotoGP Motorcycle Race Shows & Events

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 29

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 29

Techne Sparrow Hawk Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Panerai Luminor 1950

Yes, the watch has a bit of a cheezy "you expect me to take Louis Vuitton watches that serious? - vibe," but it is still cool. Plus, unless you are a die-hard Louis Vuitton hater, most people would sport one of these. I want to see Louis Vuitton expand a bit outside of the Tambour case, and flex their design muscles a bit.

Five sapphire crystals: 2 x dials, 1 x central case section, 2 x display panels (top and bottom)

Angular Momentum Freehand TEC/A13 Piece Unique Watch Watch Releases

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Breitling Superocean watches

Most mainstream of the three is the Swatch "To the Top" watch, that is 41mm wide in plastic (these are Swatches, they are most all in plastic). It has a legible dial with snowy winter games colors and Olympics imagery. Inside is a Swiss quartz chronograph movement with a 10 hour chronograph. The strap is multicolored silicon that is comfy and looks pretty neat. The colorful timepiece helps get you in the mood for sporting events and is affordable enough so that it isn't something you need to worry much about getting dirty after roughing around with it. Price for the To the Top watch is 0.

The 1901 movement has some decoration on it, including forms of Geneva stripes, the blued screws and polished bridges. Very nice for the price, and I think most people who like the watch will be OK with the choice of movement. Back to the dial, I like that Techne placed different hands for the subsidiary seconds dial and the chronograph minutes dial.

Roger Dubuis 43mm Golden Square Watch - Available On James List Sales & Auctions

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Replica Hublot MP collection Watches

It is the heat of the night, and you are having an expensive watch wearing worthy good time. You go to look are your luxury timepiece in the dim lighting on the patio of that bar you like, and low and behold those lustrous gold holds show no luster in the dark. Time to rethink your evening timepiece selection, or you could instead seek out the relatively few high-luxury watches with luminant applied to them. While not a big deal for a Seiko, a lume covered German A. Lange & Sohne is a rarity. Here is their newest one, called the Grande Lange 1 Luminous. Larger Grande Lange 1 case (as opposed to the smaller standard Lange 1). Black dial, and just the right shade of retro green for the richly applied lume that makes up the hour markers and is all over the hands. A cool sporty Lange watch. Though, to actually refer to it as a sport watch, your idea of sports involves playing  lawn croquet at night.

Mechanical automatic Calibres 780 und 781, developed and manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre
Parts: 569 (Calibre 780), 566 (Calibre 781),
Diameter: 33.8 millimeters,
Height: 9.8 millimeters,
Power Reserve: 60 hours with one barrel,
Base plate made of nickel,
Antimagnetic up to 240 Gauss (Calibre 781),
Test: Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 1000 hours test

Where: Baselworld: Messeplatz, directly in front of Hall 1.0, in the book hut run by Watchprint

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Scuderia Ferrari One Watch By Cabestan Watch Releases

RSW Outland 3H Watch Hands-On Review Hands-On

This piece is the ref. 5837M, which  is in their Tungsten collection. As such, the watch has a tungsten carbide case. I had to do a little bit of research on this, and it turns out that tungsten carbide is an all tungsten material. Meaning it is not just a coating or plating as I suggested it might be in the video review. Tungsten is a metal, but seems to have ceramic like properties. It's edges are a bit sharp, but it is highly scratch resistant. Plus the colors won't fade. Tungsten (hard to photograph) has an interesting color which is like a dark, mirror like gunmetal. This means it a dark glossy gray. The mixture of the color and the reflective qualities make it an ideal "men's bling item." This means it has a nice showy quality to it, without lacking a masculine feel given the dark gray color.

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Replica Piaget Watches

Inside the watch is an ETA 2836 that has been modified a bit and is called the BE-36A movement inside the watch. The automatic Swiss movement has been COSC Chronometer certified in this watch. An important value added point that Bremont almost hides on the back of the watch. The native day/date display is on the dial with a polished metal frame around the information windows. One small suggestion I had for Bremont is to just slightly increase the height of the applied hour markers - just a little tiny bit.

Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Replica Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

I already mentioned the "ready,set, go" operation of the chronograph pushers. Well how does that work? The movement has a column wheel (desired by collectors) for chronograph mechanism durability and a vertical clutch for efficient and very quick gear changes. Also, it has a single piece chronograph reset hammer (that has three points to it), that resets the chronograph very quickly. These might seem like features that only provide marginal improvements, but when relying on a feature for precise timing and ease of use,  such features make a big difference. In addition to chronograph performance, I find it nice to know that features like the column wheel and single piece hammer assist in making the movement more durable. A very nice example of Japanese engineering, traditional design aesthetic, and of the most competent chronograph watches out there. price is ,200 on both the metal bracelet and crocodile strap.

Available on a really high quality rubber strap (in orange or dark brown) or on a cool "H" link metal bracelet, the Clipper Chrono also has a few dial color choices. These include a silver tone, a slate tone, and a mocha tone. Each looks pretty good in their own right. Perhaps a bit bare, but the tight looking chapter ring with hash markers helps with a "functional" look and balances out the inner dial. The dials are now a bit three dimensional as well. The chronograph subdial sections are lowered a bit - which is a better look that the previous models I think. The application of the revolving Arabic numerals is also better. Nice bold lume covered numerals. Hands are further improved in quality. Faceted in the middle and polished, with lume in the center - and strong like swords.

Movement dimensions
- Diameter : 36.40 mm
- Thickness : 11.51 mm

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Tudor Lady Sub watches

And then there is the world time function. You'll notice the list of reference cities around the dial.  Those are used when selecting different timezones. On the fly, you can easily switch to any of the major timezones without losing accuracy on the watch. Citizen makes it pretty simple to adjust, thus allowing for a great traveler's companion, or timepiece for people who like to easily know the time in lots of other timezones. Remember, the trick here isn't just the functionality - that has been done. But rather the relatively svelte layout and simple dial.

Jaeger-LeCoultre designed the watch with an easy to remove strap. It comes with two straps actually. An alligator and rubber one, and a calf leather strap. The case has a special easy release system for removing the strap. You can't really tell, but the rear of the watch has these little flaps that you pull up and release the strap. It is very easy to use, and ensures that the straps won't come off while you wear the watch. The complex looking buckle has a neat little micro-adjust system in it. This makes is possible to adjust the strap a bit while it is on your wrist. Quite cool, and I have never seen a more complexly engineer buckle on a strap that wasn't a deployment. The buckle uses two pins for added security.

JeanRichard 2TimeZones Watches Watch Releases

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