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The chronograph is a big deal on the watch, and I love it. It is column wheel based, and used a vertical clutch for fast activation time. The chronograph runs for 24 hours and the left subdial switches from telling the time subseconds to the chronograph hours when it is activated. The chrono seconds are indicated via a central hand, while the minutes are displayed through a jumping digital counter located at 12 o'clock. Very slick, and makes using the chronograph a breeze.

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While at Basel I got to meet with RSW and check out the watches first-hand. You should know that the collection started life as the RSW Outland from a couple of years ago. You can see how the watches share the same case and strap. The Outland was a bit of a wild timepiece that was interesting all over and demanded attention. What it didn't demand was too much of the avant garde market share. People liked the case more than the dial (which was interesting but certainly demanded an acquired taste). They also may have not been thrilled with the price. So while the Outland wasn't a failure per se, it was more of a niche item. RSW had something special with the Outland case and wanted to have a more mainstream product. The disc based time-telling system has merged into a simple three-hand dial (why the watch is called the "3H" - for three hands), and it is being offered with a big variety of colors. I actually think there are too many color options to start. You can easily like so many of them that you won't known which to buy if you like the watch - this often leads to people not buying anything. A condition known a "choice paralysis." What RSW should do (and I told them), is release just a few colors at a time. Each 6 months to a year release some new colors to keep things fresh and lure potential buyers who have been hovering around the idea to buy. Again, I digress. RSW is really making my thoughts wander.

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-The hour and power-reserve indications at 3 o’clock are engraved on the main plate

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The major men's watch release from Raymond Weil this year was a new Nabucco (the name sounds too much like Nabisco to me and I think of snacks) Va, Pensiero. The odd, "comma containing" name comes apparently from a famous Verdi chorus. Does this watch remind you of anything Verdi or Opera related? Cause it doesn't for me. Get this, Raymond Weil actually writes this in their press information, the Nabucco Va, Pensiero "exudes the same power and nobility as the great Italian composer's Opera." Wow, I've only seen greater BS while staring at a cow's ass.

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In the past I wanted to give Asian made watch winders the benefit of the doubt. I really wanted the low cost alternatives to the more expensive European or American winders to be better options for the economically minded. Unfortunately this was not the case. My experience with Asian made winders has been that they always break, it is just a matter of when. If you purchase Asian made watch winders, simply expect to replace them frequently. Probably every 6 months or so. At the same time, European and American watch winders that I have been operating for years are doing just fine.

Priced at ,200, the Diver is by no means an inexpensive purchase. But AP delivers the goods with applicable function and style. Moreover, it’s powered by what’s considered one of the best automatic movements on the market, making their first entry into this category a real winner.

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Model Bugatti Super Sport, 30-piece special edition.

50 years ago Breguet delivered to the French Naval Airforce 500 Type XX Aéronavale watches made on special order. Actually, they were ordered in 1958, but it took Breguet 2 years to make all the pieces. The French Naval Air force (known as the Aéronavale), wanted easy to ready flight watches with flyback chronograph functions. Still to this day, all Breguet Type XX watches have a flyback chronograph. The watch had a special engraving on the back which read: Breguet Marine Nationale Aeronautique Navale." According to Breguet, the watches were still being used in service by pilots until the early 1980s (and collector's love them today). Breguet has actually been working with the French Navy since 1815 supplying pocket watches.

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I was really excited about this watch when I got to play with it at SIHH 2010. Jaeger-LeCoultre has been working with the US Navy SEALs for a while making watches to suit their needs. Last year I wrote about my favorite version which was the Master Compressor Diving Automatic Navy SEALs Alarm watch. Now the brand has finally released the most "mainstream" version of the collection. It is a more basic three-hand version of the watch and is very pure in form. It really is a watch born out of an interesting partnership with people whose professional lives demand easy to use and durable timepieces (looking cool in the process is an unintended side effect).

Born in Egypt in 1972 and studied in the US

Diamonds, diamonds every where. The Breitling Chronomat with its in-house made chronograph movement gets the "Diamondworks" treatment for added bling. Perfect for despots all over the world who feel it necessary to have a piece from the 'aviation brand,' but still want something fancy for their loyal subjects to kneel and kiss.

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