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We are lucky that Seiko spends as much time as they do in the lab dreaming up new movements. In fact, Seiko watches now come in at least five different movement flavors. You can get a traditional quartz movement, an automatic mechanical movement, a quartz Kinetic movement, a quartz Kinetic Direct Drive movement, and a quartz regulated Spring Drive mechanical movement. Seiko's dream seems to be combining the best of both worlds in terms of quartz and mechanical movements. Arguably the Spring Drive embodies this dream as it looks like an automatic mechanical movement, but has the accuracy of a quartz movement.

So the next part of the watch is the really weird part. The "passport angle." For whatever reason, Vacheron Constantin felt there was not enough "security" their watches. So they hired the same guy who designed the Swiss passport to "protect" the Quai de l'Ile. What does this mean? Basically you get a passport with the watch, that "cannot be copied!" You also get features in the watch face that make it really hard to duplicate, such as micro printing, patterns, and images only seen in special lights. Okay fine; Vacheron Constantin congratulations, you've made a passport and watch face that cannot be reproduced for the most part. What is next for you? Don't you see the mere novelty in this and practically no usefulness. It will be a cool thing for about 10 minutes. You store the watch passport away, and cannot even really see the security features on the watch anyway. It is just another gimmick. I thought people with this type of cash to burn on watches thought about these things? I get the concept, I really do. I am just not sold. But then again, there are those few times during your life when the watch needs servicing, and you'll send it to Vacheron Constantin who will certainly check for its authenticity!

Ultra Cool, Ultra Rare Seiko Spectrum E-Ink Limited Edition Concept Watch Available: A Woman's Watch You Pretty Much Want To Wear Watch Buying You don't have to think of yourself as "pretty girl" for wanting to adorn this awesome watch. For Basel 2007, Seiko unveiled this incredible watch bracelet to show off the power of what e-ink (electronic ink) will provide to watches in the near future. The demand for the watch resulted in a limited production of about 1000 priced at a stratospheric ,000 (and above). Very few of these watches ever made it to the US. One of these Seiko Spectrum watches is available on eBay right now starting at 0. I am impressed.

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Breguet Grand Complication Ref. 1160 Pocket Watch: Return Of A Legend In Spirit And Actuality Watch Releases

New 2008 Citizen Promaster Diver Watches: Eco-Drive + Atomic Accuracy

New 2008 Citizen Promaster Diver Watches: Eco-Drive + Atomic Accuracy

Orbita Privee RX Watch Winder Review: High On Looks, Low On The Rest Luxury Items As I indicated above, the actual watch winder functionality in the Privee RX watch winder suffers greatly from the major difficulty in placing and removing a watch, along with the unintuitive set up and and maintenance. If you are going to have a battery operated watch winder, at least have a clear external display that tells me when I need to replace the battery. Further, why is there no AC adapter? It is too big to be a travel winder. Most if these issues ought to have been obvious to Orbita, so it is a quandary how this winder even made it to production.

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The Watch LCD Revolution Is On The Horizon: LG Releases First Circular Color LCD Screens Watch Industry News This screen was made by LG, but you can look forward to other companies jumping on board soon. Currently the costs are probably pretty high. But as the laws of technological innovation go, as production increases, costs will go down. If you think of the possibilities they are really vast. The artistic and function flexibility when it comes to designing a watch on a totally circular, color LCD is vast. Watches can take just about any form, either digital or analog, and can obviously change via user command. I even foresee user modifiable DIY watch kits. Think about it. You get the watch and interchangeable straps along with software that allows you to create any type of watch or wrist instrument you want. Now that is a very cool idea.

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Tag Heuer Link Watch Model WT1112.BA0550 Review: The Appeal Seriously Grows On You Wrist Time Reviews
Tag Heuer Link WJ1112 0 Blue Dial Mens Watch
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Linde Werdelin Land Instrument Watch: Personal Sensorship Watch Releases Recently, ablogtowatch.com covered the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, a conceptual device brimming with sensors, connectivity and functionality. The highlight of the Nokia Eco Sensor was it's ability to monitor one's surroundings and convert that information into something relevant to the wearer's health (i.e. "warning high levels of carbon dioxide detected!"). The Nokia Eco Sensor though very interesting, was still just a concept, as there was no working model. The Linde Werdelin Land Instrument is no mere concept, and it delivers a heap of promised features.

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Sometimes I can't help but express my fondness for a watch. Those particular models that stay with you in your mind. Maybe you had your eye on it a while back. It's not that you lost interest, but perhaps other watches came and went in the meantime. And after all is said and done, those reliable watches are always there to make you happy. Before the Bell & Ross BR-01 instrument was a different flavor of Bell & Ross. A more innocent time when Bell & Ross was still finding itself.

A Xemex XE 5000 Sun is available right now on eBay for about a quarter of the retail price. It is worth checking out, along with the all Xemex watches.

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Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch Is Japan's Rolex GMT Master Watch Releases
SEIKO PADI Prospex SUN065 Special Edition 5M85 Mens Watch Silicone Black GMT
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Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch Is Japan's Rolex GMT Master Watch Releases
Vintage Mens SEIKO Diver 7002 GMT Mod SWISS DualTime BLACK Mother of Pearl Dial
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Seeing the Colosso reminds me of the DeWitt WX-1 Concept watch. Not because they look the same, but because they are bred from the same ilk. Two technically inclined science fiction watches meant for a very small number of enthusiasts. Each year you see a couple of watches like this which are debuted at Basel World, but this is certainly a very interesting model, from Hysek which is not typically a company to release such grand example of watch excess.

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Sylvester Stallone Ogles A Few New U-Boat Watches: Makes Panerai Jealous? Feature Articles
Mens 43mm Automatic U Boat wristwatch in excellent condition
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Sylvester Stallone Ogles A Few New U-Boat Watches: Makes Panerai Jealous? Feature Articles
U Boat Italo Fontana Chimera GMT 7177 Carbonio Limited to 199 48mm 14800 LNIB
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Sylvester Stallone Ogles A Few New U-Boat Watches: Makes Panerai Jealous? Feature Articles
Welder by U Boat K33 Chronograph Black Ion plated Mens Sport Watch K33 9303
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Sylvester Stallone Ogles A Few New U-Boat Watches: Makes Panerai Jealous? Feature Articles
Welder by U Boat Triple Time Zone Chronograph Camouflage Mens Watch K29 8005
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Lucky for watch fans, Japan takes this same approach with the watches it makes. Japanese and European watches share very little in common. Other than accepting the quartz movement, there is probably little the Swiss or Germans took from the Japanese, but the same is not true in the reciprocal. Japanese designers and engineers are masters of borrowing styles, ideas, and implementation from other sources, and often improving on them. Along with that, Japan's electronic obsession has resulting in some outstanding technology.

Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
LONGINES 15mm Watch Strap DEEP BLUE SWISS MADE Grained Leather Cuir NOS Band
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Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
Genuine Leather Deep Blue Band Goldtone Watch New Battery 021617
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Most Timezone.com users are likely unaware of these policies. Other respected watch forums such as Watchuseek.com, pmwf.com, watchreport.com, and others respect its members much more. While advertising is a necessary means of making money to maintain a site which does not enjoy user fees, etc..., these are not supposed to be marketing websites. Free speech aside, the dilemma here is clear. When you have a forum that is perceived a venue for the exchange of ideas, the intentional censorship and modification of such ideas (for no good reason) is egregious and destroys the entire value of a site for a watch enthusiast or anyone. Timezone is simply not an objective source for anyone.

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Orbita Privee RX Watch Winder Review: High On Looks, Low On The Rest

Orbita Privee RX Watch Winder Review: High On Looks, Low On The Rest

Marcello C watches have a limited although existing distribution in the US. There are now at least 2 authorized dealers, and Marcello C watches show up on eBay from time-to-time. If you want a great-looking, well-built classic-looking divers watch, you really cannot go wrong with the Marcello C Nettuno 3, or any other Marcello C watch for that matter. I owe Marcello C a lot because as I said earlier, it was the brand that got me into nice watches in the first place.

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Two Very Special, Very Limited, Citizen Campanola Eco-Drive Watches On eBay

Two Very Special, Very Limited, Citizen Campanola Eco-Drive Watches On eBay

Which brings me to Marcello C, a relative infant among many watch makers, having only been founded in the 1990s. Marcello C takes a simple approach to making watches. Essentially, they use time-tested and approved classic designs with their own twist, apply high grade materials, and sell them at affordable prices. It is a Swiss watch maker with a German watch maker ethic, and it works. Part of being a newer watch maker is getting your name and product out there, and aggressive pricing is a big part of this. Even though Marcello C watches are priced well, their watches are slowly increasing in cost as they become more comfortable with the admiring fans they have been able to increasingly cultivate.

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Temption CGK203 Watch Review: German Bauhaus Powerhouse Wrist Time Reviews
Tissot Two Tone PR 100 Automatic Chronograph Moonphase Watch Valjoux 7751 C451
9.51 (35 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2d 22h 26m

Tag Heuer Heritage

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Then I learned about the Lucien Piccard (LP) Celano. A beautiful watch from an otherwise fringe brand. The LP Celano has all the things I liked about the Chanel J12, but was priced far less (depending on where you got it). Actually, the LP Celano was one of those watches available on ShopNBC, which is a television based shopping network. Regardless, the LP Celano had a lot going for it, and I wanted to get one as soon as I could. Several months later I finally got my LP Celano on eBay for far under retail.

The Wearfone is the first watch phone for the masses. The bright OLED screen displayed has a traditional analog watch face as a default. It is unclear what the specific touch screen input method may be (keyboard on screen, etc...) but suffice it to say that you'll be able to make calls and SMS text message with the Wearfone. The designers indicate that the clock screen would be the default input screen for accessing functions of the phone, meaning that you'll probably have to use the tip of your finger or some stylus to input data and use the device.

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Robert Downey Jr.'s Range Of Watches In New Iron Man Movie; Bvlgari & Hublot Feature Articles Robert Downey Jr.'s Range Of Watches In New Iron Man Movie; Bvlgari & Hublot Feature Articles In the beginning of the movie, you can make out a Hublot Big Bang with a rich blue face, probably with the tantalum bezel and gold case. This watch is visible at Downey Jr. rolls around in the dust avoiding enemy fire. The Hublot Big Bang is a fitting watch for Tony Stark, as it represents high technology and luxury. The watch is immensely popular in the Hollywood circuit, but then again, most attractive luxury watches are. I imagine that Robert Downey Jr. probably has a collection of these in real life. Though he admits to wearing the Bvlgari watches in Iron Man because of the sponsorship.

Citizen Campanola Grand Complication Review: Radiant Example Of Detail And Refinement Wrist Time Reviews

I'd love to work with Virtual Ideas someday to visualize many of the ideas I have. This is a step up from doodling watches and drawing them from time to time. This is a true custom watch. Some makers these days offer "custom" watches where you merely pick and choose parts. That really doesn't excite me as much as something as unique as this. But there are some worthy personalized watch makers out there such as 121time.com.