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One of the things that makes Bovet special is the owner. Mr. Raffy did not invent the brand, but is more a steward of its history and reputation. When he purchased the company in 2001, they were producing under 200 watches per year, and right now they are producing under 4,000 watches per year. That is still a small amount, but he was able to increase its size and yet retain an incredibly diverse amount of pieces in the collection. As of 2014 there are over 500 SKUs the brand currently has in its catalog.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Ultra-Thin 41mm Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In 1978, Seiko responded with its "Twin Quartz" model which used digital thermocompensation. This has a subsidiary crystal oscillator that detects the temperature, then, along with a micro-processor, adjusts any timing error of the main crystal oscillator. Seiko claimed accuracy of  ±5 seconds a year, but production was expensive and demand from the general public not sufficient, so they were discontinued after a few years.

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Rather than increasing oscillator frequency, another way of improving accuracy in a quartz movement is to combat the error caused by temperature. Rolex appears to be the first to make advancements in this area and after several years of development released their thermocompensated Oysterquartz model calibre 5035 in 1977. Rolex realized that in order to achieve superior accuracy it needed both a high frequency oscillator, combined with some way to negate the effect of temperature changes. They did this by using a thermistor to sense the ambient temperature, this data was then sent to an electronic module, which then adjusted the voltage to the quartz crystal. Although Rolex has never stated an official accuracy specification, unofficially, around 60 seconds per year was to be expected. It was one of the most exceptionally made quartz watches and was discontinued in 2004.

With a relatively thin bezel, the watch wears a bit larger than it is, and the bezel insert is aluminum. Ball does have ceramic bezel inserts, but perhaps none that is this thin, yet. Ideally in the future I'd like to see ceramic replace aluminum as much as possible. Over the dial is a curved and AR-coated sapphire crystal.

Featuring their new ML230 manufacture calibre, Maurice Lacroix has given the Masterpiece Gravity an all-silicon assortment (balance staff, pallet lever, pallet staff, escapement wheel and escapement wheel pinion) and an alloy hairspring. Overall animation is excellent as the movement runs at 2.5 Hz and so much of the front view of the watch is dedicated to viewing the activity of the movement. Accuracy is ensured by ML testing the Gravity in five positions with a full 50 hour power reserve and then testing two positions again after 24 hours.

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This WWII German early war 1937-1940 inspired watch sports a German grey paint scheme. The markings depict a skull and crossbones emblem, used by the 192nd Sturmgeschutz Battalion. The tanks from the 192nd were involved in heavy fighting in Operation Barbarossa and the Russian Winter counter-offensive of 1942. Major Helmut Adam was famously awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross as the commander of the 192nd Battalion.

Robotic arms populate the Rolex manufacture locations when it mostly comes to repetitive or highly detailed tasks that require consistency. Many Rolex parts are given an initial machine polish by a robot, but amazingly they are hand-finishing and polished as well. The fact is that while modern technology is a huge part of the "Rolex manufacturing machine," robotic equipment is there to assist what is a very real, human watch making operation... more »

ORIS Watches at The Reno Air Show 2013

ORIS Watches at The Reno Air Show 2013
ORIS Watches at The Reno Air Show 2013 Shows & Events
ORIS Air Racing III Limited Edition Watch for 2013

Power reserve:                          80+ hours

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Sporting a price tag of ,500, the DSTB will be limited to just 50 units and I would wager that such a beautiful execution of a rather esoteric complication will make the DSTB quite popular with collectors and Arnold & Son fans alike.

Bremont Wright Flyer Limited Edition Watch

Bremont Wright Flyer Limited Edition Watch

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The Japanese have a manga for pretty much everything, so that they would have one to explain watch history is not particularly surprising. I think there is a manga version of the Christian bible as well. As a watch or F.P. Journe collector, it is a cool item to have since it is genuinely interesting as a novelty. It is also a great way of learning what Journe would look like if he was an anime character. This isn't actually the first time a watch brand has dabbled in comics. Linde Werdelin had a small comic series called The Perfect Five back in 2010, and in the same year Urwerk had a promotional comic book. Don't you just love the stuff that indy brands will do?

Vicenterra is an independent Swiss brand that was started by Vincent Plomb a few years ago. The first watch Vicenterra offered was a slightly different version of the GMT-3 that we are looking at here, and at the time of its debut Ariel discussed the concept at length. The Vicenterra GMT-3 is available in limited runs of 100 pieces, and while the first edition sporting a white dial is sold out, the "Volume 2" is now available in a slightly different look thanks to its deep black dial. Other than the color scheme of the dial, the model's looks have not changed much: its steel case remains 44.6 millimeters wide, 54.5 mm tall and an acceptable 13.65 mm thick. With all that said, the most peculiar feature of the Vicenterra GMT-3 Volume 2 undoubtedly remains its multiple displays of time, complete with a small rotating orb representing the Earth – and since this was our first hands-on time with the piece, we must of course discuss this quite unusual feature first.

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The Graham Silverstone RS collection's take on the automotive world is in the little "RS" part of the name. That stands for RennSport, which is an aftermarket modder of Porsche cars. I am not sure of Graham's precise relationship with RennSport, but I know that they have participated in some racing series together. There are a healthy range of Graham Silverstone models now and previously available, so it is important to know that I am discussing the Silverstone RS collection in this article.

While "chronograph" means "time writer," "centigraphe" means "100 writer." That is because the Centigraphe is a chronograph that measures down to 1/100th of a second, and at the time in 2007 that was a big deal for a mechanical watch. Since then, TAG Heuer and other brands have matched or bested that with interesting systems, but I think that for daily wear, it is hard to beat the Centigraphe. One of the reasons is the way it works. F.P. Journe didn't develop a high-beat balance wheel system to get that level of accuracy. In fact the Centigraphe operates not at 4, but at 3Hz. So how does it measure down to 1/100th of a second?

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Moto 360 Smartwatch Is For The Mainstream

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By customizing the watch, you lose the brands warranty, how bad is this considering they provide their own 24 months guaranty only? What about the resale value? Any comment about the prices?

Welcome back to an aBlogtoWatch original series, where we discuss important stores that sell watches all over the world. Each store we profile has an interesting story to tell about where they operate and who they sell to. Whether you buy watches from brick and mortar retailers or prefer to buy watches online, these are the stores that help shape our watch culture around the globe. There is a long list of stores to cover, but if there is a retail location in your favorite city that we simply can’t miss, let us know in the comments below.

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It's from this 1951 model that the latest release draws inspiration. This shows up in how the dial is arranged, which is in part driven by the movement inside. In the 2014 model, it's the J880.3 movement that finds its home in the 40mm case (the original used a column wheel J88).

As the light changes, the mirror-polished hands go from standout to nearly invisible, and the dial from black to mid-blues.

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Marvin Origin M125, dial