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Around the dial is a rotating diver's bezel which is more or less a standard element on the majority of dive watches. This bezel can be turned by your hand and gives you the ability to line up the 12 o'clock point with the minute hand to measure something that is up to 60 minutes long. This has a purpose while diving, but most people use it to measure short things like parking meters and cooking times while being an at-home chef. The bottom line is that even though the Rolex Submariner is a diver's watch, a very small percentage of the people who own it dive. Why buy a dive watch then? Well it is really about an appreciation for what a dive watch can do and what it represents. Activity, durability and exploration. While we aren't engaged in these things all the time, we like to keep capable items near us.

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One thing I am not sure of, and sort of forgot to clarify with Jaeger-LeCoultre, was whether or not the entire watch case is cermet. I believe the black-colored pieces are, but as you can tell, the Deep Sea Chronograph case has a sort of sandwich construction with the dark gray/black sections between between lighter titanium colored sections. My understanding is that these sections are also potentially cermet as the material can be produced to look like metal - but these sections may also be "merely" titanium. In any event, on the wrist the Deep Sea Chronograph Cermet does feel light yet durable. Some will love the bi-color case style, and others will no doubt prefer a more solid color to the case. Jaeger-LeCoultre has a range of Deep Sea watches of both styles.

The case itself is remarkably comfortable for what it is. Similar to the Guardian in design, the Bravado is nevertheless distinct with a unique look and octagonal bezel. The knurling around the case makes it look as though you can screw-off the "lid," but that is design aesthetic. Sort of like the watch is part of a large metal jar, and it is practically sized for that. Given the size of the case, it is a good thing that the crown is placed at the 10 o'clock position. That helps it from sticking into your wrist.

The silver dial has clean, well-printed details and a nice vertical brushing. Minute markers are out on the rehaut, lending an uncluttered and clean appearance. The tip of the second hand is the only color, a small detail. Up close, the applied markers are complex in shape and well finished.

As we publish the movies you'll be able to see all of them on the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture Movie page here.

Even though the actual case is stainless steel, much of the T-Race Touch is plastic. This includes the immobile bezel and pushers. the strap also feels more like plastic than rubber but is sturdy. The T-Race Touch is a comfortable 42.15mm wide, 13.45mm thick, and weighs 88g (pretty light).

ABTW: Was there ever a time in your life when you could afford it?

HK:  The understated simplicity, the hobnail bezel, the proportions of the small seconds hand, the expression of value that this timepiece embodied.

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Mechanical watches never need batteries and with proper care can last for a very long time. They will need to be worn or wound regularly, but can prove highly reliable. You also want to look cool while taking head shots and lobbing heads off with that shovel you sharpened into an axe, right? One additional consideration is watch weight. A plastic quartz watch will be light and out of the way, but won't offer any protection at all. A thick metal watch and bracelet will stop even the ravenous hunger of an undead's death bite. It might just be your lucky life saver. Having said that, why don't you have wrist and ankle armor on, anyway?

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I like the idea of a sport watch that can stand up against the rigors of daily wrist duty and just as we have seen many brands start to employ ceramic in their watch designs, I believe that we will begin to see other brands develop similar hardness treatments for their sport watches. I think that manufacturers like Bremont, Sinn, and Damasko were simply ahead of the "hardness" curve.

“But I don’t want to be my own brand. I don’t want to change those rules. Christophe (Claret, who worked with Eric on the Harry Winston Glissiere Tourbillon) had a dream to have his own brand, so I’m very happy for him… but I’m too much of an individual. It’s not my trip.”

aBlogtoWatch Editor's Watch Gift Guide For 2012 ABTW Editors' Lists

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For the last 3-4 years, we've been speculating that Rolex (who owns Tudor) would be keen to return the Tudor sub-brand to the United States market where it has been absent for a long time. Rolex itself has dominated the US, likely fearing that the lower-priced Tudor brand would act as a competitor. With Rolex owning at least 25% of the luxury watch market, it was in their best interest to not fix what wasn't broken. However, over the last few years, Tudor watches have been increasingly different from those of Rolex. While Tudor watches are produced alongside Rolex timepieces, they use ETA-sourced Swiss watch movements versus movements made in-house at Rolex. It appears as though the time has come where Rolex feels that Tudor can live with its higher-priced brethren in the important US market.

The same thing is happening with the computer. Many people today are using stationary computers much less and relying more on portable computing devices such as their phone. This applies to the majority of people who don't strictly need grounded computers for work or hobbies. It is then logical that the phone will turn into an even more convenient wearable device. Google is also convinced of this, which is why they started the Google Glass project - putting a computer into glasses.

However, this is only a concept watch at this stage and is not currently offered for sale. Well, that isn't totally true. TAG Heuer will produce a handful of these for high-end collectors who are "friends of the brand." They will not be reasonably priced for sure. A more accessible option is the MikroPendulum, (without the "S"), a production watch presented at the same time as the MikroPendulumS. This one is for sale, but we'll cover that piece in a separate article with full details.

What Are The Best Personal Analytics Smartwatches?

What Are The Best Personal Analytics Smartwatches?

Shell Cordovan black, size M

Thanks to Glam Rock for the review units. Opinions are 100% independent.

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Open Hometime Watch Hands-On

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Open Hometime Watch Hands-On

All told, this is a very cleanly executed chronograph, and one that tends towards the dressier end of the style spectrum. Which, while it might seem an odd choice to pair as an homage to a race through the elements, I think it's fitting given the caliber of vintage iron that runs the race. If you'd like to pick one up, the 500-piece limited edition is available at a price of ,950.

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I know all Panerai watches look somewhat alike, but there are differences that one starts appreciating as one becomes more knowledgeable about the brand. So, for me, I like most of the Panerai 1950 models (they all are "modern", cased in 44mm or 46mm, and fitted with in-house movements). I've reviewed my own PAM 321 on aBlogtoWatch here:. It's a great watch and one I plan to keep forever.

As a watch lover, I cannot think of anything more exciting than building my own watch. Unfortunately, learning how to build a watch is not quite the same as looking up YouTube and learning how to tie a tie. That said, one lucky reader recently got to build his own watch and with Frederique Constant no less! In this article, he recounts his adventure at Frederique Constant’s manufacture in Geneva, sharing just how difficult and intricate the craft of watchmaking is. I can only imagine his joy when he finally received the Slimline Moonphase Manufacture watch (only just released at Baselworld) he had built.

Once again, it seems that Ariel's theory (here) that we are on the way to a consumer-grade smart watch is well on-track to being proven true. While this latest Kickstarter project doesn't hit all of the points he made, it is advancing us further along the path.

To some buyers and collectors, the provenance of a watch, meaning its origin and history, is important. If you are such a person, Ariel has compiled a list of ten such watches that are worth owning. To make the list, a watch must have history and still be made today. And to be absolutely clear, this list is by no means exhaustive, but for readers who are perhaps considering their first serious watch purchase, maybe this list could help point you in the right direction.

aBlogtoWatch Editor's Watch Gift Guide For 2012 ABTW Editors' Lists

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