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Listen to the HourTime Interview with Xetum Watch Co. founder on starting a watch brand.

So the phone is heavy and high quality with an expensive watch movement. What about using it as a phone? It should suffice for that task. The unlocked device is a tri-band GSM phone developed with Sagem Wireless. The OS is pretty basic. Celsius sees the LeDIX as a companion or weekend phone. It is not supposed to replace your Blackberry. As such, they intend for the LeDIX to be used for calling, basic messaging, contacts, and the 3.2 megapixel auto-zoom with flash camera. Though the phone does have basic multi-media features such as a media player, and a web browser. The screen is a nice to look at 2.2 inch OLED. The phone is not a 3G device, and it really doesn't' need to be given what Celsius expects its owners to use it for. Battery life is about 3.5 hours of talk time.

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He describes a world where new watchmakers have a series of role models that they wish to emulate or reach. There are in fact a series of “celebrity” watch makers in the industry. This is why so many brands are named for the people behind them. The reality, is that like aspiring actors in Los Angeles, only a few really make it. John helps find the best ones, and trust me that he has them knocking on his door - which is good for him, because he loves promising new comers. What advice can I give to new watch makers based on what I learned from Mr. Simonian? Well, I would say that at the least, you need to be charismatic and be able to sell yourself. Understand what consumers want, as well as have the ability to be flexible. Most important? Don’t be stupid. I ask John what annoys him with the watch industry and the response is applicable to any industry. Humorous, it is sadly predictable how often the biggest annoyance is stupid people. They really ruin the party for everyone.

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