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The good news, like I said, is that once you setup the watch, most of its features are unnecessary to mess with again (assuming the watch remains powered). That means the time and calendar data is reliably accurate for as long as you need. That makes this watch more or less "set it and forget it" when it comes to most functions. That doesn't apply to things like the chronograph, that you will still need to learn how to use. It isn't exactly as straight forward as the apparent "start/stop" and "reset" pushers might suggest - but it isn't a big deal.

The new case design maintains a dive-worth water resistance of 300 meters, but is lower than the original Oktopus' "1,111 meters" of water resistance. That is OK, either will suffice for my purposes. The case is 44mm wide and 46mm tall. Still chunky at 15.25mm in thickness. On the back of the watch is a cool laser-cut engraving of a carton octopus you might have seen in some of the Linde Werdelin comics. This is also an homage to the LW "Tattoo" watches from a few years ago.

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Inside this beauty is the new Patek Philippe in-house made caliber 31-260 REG QA. The base movement architecture has been around since the late 1970s, but has been thoroughly built upon. Reading the name of the movement we can see "REG" which means regulator, and "QA" which means "quantieme annual," or "annual calendar." The 260 series movements are automatic with micro-rotors. These aren't easy to do properly, and Patek has been making them in a superlative manner for a long time. The micro-rotor is in 22k gold, while the movement has a power reserve of 60 hours.

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The watch market has been thoroughly saturated with models that have been designed for (or worn by) some sort of military outfit. JLC makes the Navy Seals diver, Sinn has the EZM 2 which carries the insignia of the counter-terrorism force known as GSG 9, Luminox has been selling models for years citing a connection to the Navy SEALS, and Bremont continues to make specialized models which are exclusively sold to military outfits (when was the last time you saw an instragram photo of a red-barreled MBI?). Many vintage watches that were made for military use are vastly more desirable than their civilian counterparts so it's easy to see why a brand would want to connect itself with the heritage, prestige and go-anywhere charm of an elite military fighting force. If a watch can handle the stress of combat, surely it can deal with the dangers of my channel-surfing lifestyle. Such is the connection that the Uniq GAF draws between its self and the Georgian Armed Forces.

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The second way, is to use the GMT hand and the bezel to indicate your home time.  As you travel to different timezones, you can change to local time by unscrewing the crown and pulling it in the first position and turning it.  In this second usage mode, only two times are readable and since the bezel is not being used for timezone changes, it's not the most effective use of the watch's features.

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Inside the NSR 100 watches are Japanese quartz movements. Likewise, in the NMX 650 watch range is a Japanese quartz movement - not sure if it is the same one. A bit high-end, the larger NMX 650 collection sports more water resistance and a design that is more Seiko/Citizen in nature. The NMX 650 is a pretty massive 50mm in width and has a steel case and rotating diver's bezel. It is water resistant to 200 meters. The whole package looks like a combo of the Seiko Tuna, Rolex Submariner, and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Looks like... not IS like.

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It wears well. There's no lume; definitely not a sport watch.

The Swatch Touch is a bit larger than you might think (at 39mm wide). It makes for a good men's size, and a large size for girls. Swatch however considers it a unisex watch with colors for men and women. Guys get black and camo, while girls get pink, blue, and purple. Everyone can enjoy the white version. The curved plastic case is comfortable, with good textures and a silicon strap that isn't as "sticky" as some others. The case is water resistant to 30 meters and I like (similar to many Swatch watches) that the battery compartment is easy to get to on the back of the watch.

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As I mentioned before here when debuting all of IWC's new for 2012 pilot watches, the new collection is rather large. As a potential consumer I would be a bit overwhelmed given all the seemingly good choices. In this article, I discussed the new IWC Top Gun watches hands-on. The Spitfire collection gets a lot of attention as IWC upgrades its look making it a more high-end piece. In this article I will discuss the 46mm wide Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month and the 43mm wide Spitfire Chronograph timepieces.

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Given that you can now get Paypass Tags which are essentially stickers that make your phone the platform for a contactless payment, a solution like the Watch2pay was essentially an inevitability. Interesting from a horological perspective? Nope. But it is intriguing to see yet another way in which technology is starting to bend towards increased daily convenience. The LAKS Watch2pay seems like a solution to a problem that is at best rare. While I can see the value and simplicity of integrating payment technology into common everyday objects, I would rather have it linked to my phone so I can wear a more interesting watch, even if only when popping out to get a cup of coffee.

This new MBII/TWG is limited to just 30 units which will sell directly through The Watch Gallery for £3450 (~00 USD). The MBII will always be one of Bremont's signature models thanks to its three piece hardened steel case, internal Roto-click bezel, and specialized anti-shock and anti-magnetic protection. The dark blue color used on the case barrel looks excellent with the brushed surfaces of the case and collectors will appreciate a view of the decorated movement and the added exclusivity of a 30 unit run.

The most distinct element of the case is how much it looks like a glass table. Topped with a very thick sapphire crystal, the top of the watch is almost one large flush surface - mounted properly on legs you'd have the world's coolest card table for five inch tall people. The crystal is secured via six special screws and covers both the dial and bezel. Despite this unique case construction, the Pulsion is still water resistant to 100 meters.

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Number of jewels: 42

On the watch dial you see the Miami Heat logo, and a plate before the exposed movement that is supposed to look like a swoopy basketball net. On the rear of the watch located on the sapphire exhibition caseback is another Miami Heat logo. One of the nicest basketball themed feature is the texturing on the rubber strap that is meant to look like the surface of a basketball itself.

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Rado at Baselworld 2012 had one of the biggest new collections around - especially with their massive new collection of HyperChrome watches (that I debuted here). What Rado also needed was something interesting to get media involved, and something Rado retailers could have in their showcase that would attract people. Come for the R-One, leave with the HyperChrome (or something else). Rado is pushing to be big again, especially in the Western world where the brand hasn't quite been able to keep up with popular trends. Though with Swatch muscle and ceramic DNA, they are actually in a good position to engage consumers looking to spend between ,000 - ,000 on a Swiss watch with a neat look.

Titanium is such a good material that its usage is still increasing in fighter aircraft. For instance the F-22 utilizes more titanium than any western aircraft ever did. Its biggest competitor as a material is Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) and we will cover that in another article.

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