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Moving forward, Urwerk is developing a personality system for HIS that will allow wearers to decide on the specific type of voice and persona that their machine servant takes. While the current Urwerk HIS personality has been designed in the image of a polite butler, that isn't what all customers want, says Urwerk. Martin Frei explains that based on feedback from Urwerk customers, there are at least three new personality profiles they are currently creating for HIS. First is a groveling servant personality. Unlike the dignified tone of the default personality, some people seem to love the idea of a real manservant eagerly awaiting orders. The groveling servant personality will also request verbal punishment as well as deprecate itself. Next is the salacious female personality. Here male customers who are more motivated by an attractive sounding female personality will have a good option. Last is the stately professor - an option many seem to enjoy, given the often mathematical nature of the how the Urwerk HIS offers information.

TAG Heuer ‘Heuer Globetrotter’ Exhibition In 10 Global Cities

TAG Heuer ‘Heuer Globetrotter’ Exhibition In 10 Global Cities

Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we are talking with one of the co-founders of Bell & Ross, Carlos Rosillo. Read on to learn about the family watch that inspired (and inspires) him. - Swiss Replica Rolex Watch Factory

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It wasn’t until I put the first Carrera watch to come as a result of Jean-Claude Biver’s leadership of TAG Heuer on my wrist, that I could appreciate what he was trying to do with this new model – one that basically just looked like a skeletonized Carrera watch in early press pictures. This watch is going to be controversial among TAG Heuer lovers and it isn’t for everyone, but I think it is a positive move for the brand in its efforts to re-enliven itself as the demographic TAG Heuer. The brand once so popular with younger demographics had lost much of its entry-level appeal, being mostly interesting to more mature watch lovers with a soft place in their heart for the old days of Heuer and people like Steve McQueen. If TAG Heuer is going to be relevant to the younger demographic, it needs to appeal to their tastes with items that are more affordable. So what does that mean for this 45mm-wide steel and titanium Carrera watch with a dressed-up version of the in-house made caliber 1887 movement – that TAG Heuer is calling the caliber Heuer 01? It means TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver is borrowing from his own success at watch brand Hublot (also an LVMH group company) and offering something with the same type of aesthetic look as the modern Big Bang, but much more affordable and at TAG Heuer. It’s brilliant, will likely piss off a lot of TAG Heuer traditionalists, and will ultimately be a sales success. Price for the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 is 4,900 Swiss Francs.

Top 10 Watches Of Baselworld 2015 ABTW Editors' Lists

Glashutte Original Senator Observer

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The dial is incredibly attractive too. With it’s black/grey/orange color scheme, plus the small seconds at 3 and the 45 minute totalizer at 9, you can see the homage to the older version. The chronograph hand stands out from the rest of the dial and allows for pretty accurate timing even at a glance. The lume on this is incredible as well, just look at it on those home-plate looking markers and on the hands: very cool.

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But there is hope for high-end watchmaking. We might see years of attrition, we might see a settled-upon compromise that floods the market and becomes the norm, or – and I kind of like this idea – we might return our mechanical marvels to the pocket and leave the wrist free for the fad of the future.

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One thing Halvorson can't do is hand-engrave timepieces. Inspired by decoratively engraved guns, Halvorson found some of his favorite American gun engravers, and ask them to do some watch projects for him. Blaine isn't the first person to think of this, and in fact, watch making is something that still has a home nearby where he grew up. Bozeman has the Bozeman Watch Company, and nearby is also the Montana Watch Company that also has timepieces with engraved cases inspired by gun engravings. Several yeas ago, I reviewed the Montana Watch Company 1930 hand-engraved watch here.

Grand Seiko 62GS Hi-Beat & Spring Drive Watches For 2015 Inspired By Grand Seiko's First Automatics From 1967 Hands-On

Zenith Elite 6150 Watch With New Zenith In-House Movement Inside Watch Releases

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Montblanc e-Strap Smart Attachment For Timewalker Watch Hands-On Hands-On

What was apparent to any watch lover during Serena Williams' visit to the Audemars Piguet booth, was how much she already knew and yet still wanted to know more about watches. She spent what was easily 30 to 45 minutes chatting intensely with the staff, and in particular the watchmaker that Audemars Piguet had on staff with them, discussing the Royal Oak that he was servicing. She seemed genuinely interested in his explanations of the various parts of the caliber 2120 movement that he was taking apart.

So the interesting situation for Apple is that very few of the journalists and influencers covering the Apple Watch truly understand it from both the technological and fashion perspectives. In fact, I might be one of those few - which, trust me, is an amusing coincidence for me as well. Suddenly, I am in a unique position to discuss a category I never imagined would even exist back in 2007 when I started to write about watches while living in San Francisco - the tech capital of the world. With that said, consumer (and journalist) hesitation about smartwatches is something that I feel is merely temporary. If the Apple Watch turns out to be something people quickly adopt, then familiarity with what the Apple Watch is will increase. Apple's goal is to make that happen sooner rather than later - and a big part of that is teaching people to love watches again.

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Wearing the watch was quite a treat. In terms of visual style and sizing, this is a watch that just clicks for me on a variety of levels. Simply put, when it comes to "smaller" watches like these, I really appreciate clean, almost vintage, styling. The crocodile leather strap works thematically, and it fit well right away. This is not a watch that will weigh you down either, coming in at 74g on the scale.

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Is The Govberg ‘OnTime’ iPhone App The Start Of Something All Watch Collectors Need?

Is The Govberg ‘OnTime’ iPhone App The Start Of Something All Watch Collectors Need?

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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So that all more or less explains what you get with the Apple Watch Edition in comparison to the other models. So changing topics a bit, why all the hate? With the Apple Watch Edition product available soon, Apple is now feeling the "luxury hate" which many brands who sell expensive items are subject to, because most consumers simply don't like the idea of products being classist simply for the sake of classism. The Apple Watch Edition is just that, a version of the Apple Watch for people with more disposable income, and for that reason, it causes consumer resentment. Anything specifically designed for consumption by some, and not everyone gets that response. It is just part of human nature.

I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes, but would you guess that Breitling - the company with its own jet team (and jet man) - is releasing a new pilot watch for 2015? I know, amazing and totally unexpected! All jesting aside, the new Breitling Chronoliner is a really decent-looking and not top-of-the-line-priced aviator watch that harkens back to the beauty and grace of Breitling's 1950s and 1960s design. It even comes complete with a "panda dial," so I think the Breitling Chronoliner is going to be a hit for the brand this year.

Sinn EZM 7 S Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital II Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Like most design success stories, the tale behind the Movado Museum Dial watch was not particularly glorious for Nathan George Horwitt himself. A deeply prolific designer, Horwitt spend most of his professional life producing designs that he attempted to sell to major companies. This was exactly the case with what eventually became known as the Movado Museum dial watch (and clock).

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Apple Watch Review Chapter 1: Setup & First Day Experience

Apple Watch Review Chapter 1: Setup & First Day Experience

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I remember not too long ago reading the winner’s write-up of the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S and thinking, wow, this guy really loves what he just won and I wish I could be lucky enough to win a giveaway here. Not even a few weeks later, after signing up, I get an email from Ariel saying I’ve won! I never would have imagined that a Tudor would join my collection, let alone from a giveaway.

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Cutting to the chase here, let's look take a closer look at the unique dial designs of the Itay Noy Part Time. Because of the basic concept, the time display does seem a bit disjointed – reading the time at a glance is not as easy as in the case of some other proprietary dial designs, but then again, because there are no overlapping indications, overall legibility is not too bad either. The bottom right sub-dial around the 5 o'clock position is the hour indicator. The centrally-mounted hand is the minute hand. The bottom left sub-dial around 7 o'clock is the seconds indicator. The apertures above the sun and the moon indicators are '12 hour indicator dials'. Only one of these 12 hour indicators operates at a time. It is exactly the same concept as a 24 hour dial, but split over two half dials. As the daylight hours progress, the sun rises from the left and sets to the right. When the day-time 12 hour indicator reaches 18:00, the night-time counterpart takes over and the moon begins its transit. If you want a visual of all this in play, check out this video here.