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,000 phone. Just saying that along with the pictures ought to be enough, but I will elaborate. This is the Revolution phone, which really doesn't imbue a lot of the things I associated with being 'revolutionary,' though the price + concept might cause your head to 'revolve' Exorcist style. The company that made the phone is called Goldvish. Which is basically just "goldfish" is you are American.  Unlike other uber luxury mobile phones with built-in watches (Mobiado), the Goldvish Revolution inserts a very nice (and removable) Frederic Jouvenot Chronograph Evolution watch as part of the device. Frederic Jouvenot is a relatively new brand that I discussed here. This is the first time I have seen a quality independent watch company place their watch in such a device. Either this connection raises the credibility of Frederic Jouvenot watch, or reduces it.

Eterna - Nothing But Watchmaking - was able to create a dynamic, versatile timepiece that is distinctively feminine yet a still a fine timepiece. Their use of different textures within the dial creates an immediate, emotional response that cyclically moves your eyes across its dial.

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This was a fun watch to talk about because it is really a period piece. 40 years ago the original Tag Heuer Monaco watch really was "Swiss avant garde" as Tag Heuer likes to claim is something that describes themselves. Unlike standard Monaco models, this limited edition 40th Anniversary models have a few unique points that make it stand out - and really shine as a read modern version of a true classic.

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