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We would like to thank Clint for making some time in his busy schedule to answer a few questions as it is undoubtedly cool to see that Jorg Gray was able to design a watch that reflects his tastes. The Jorg Gray 2500-22 Clint Dempsey Limited Edition Game Timer has been limited to 1000 units with a list price of 5. While the 2500-22 may not be hugely interesting from a horological standpoint, it is a watch with a built-in audience. Given its extremely soccer-centric (or football-centric) design and feature set, the 2500-22 LE should have little trouble finding a home with some of Clint's biggest fans.

In Turbulence: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon Feature Articles

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch For iPhone Review Wrist Time Reviews

Citizen Proximity As A Watch

Reading these definitions, it is easy to come up with scenarios to see how the system can be gamed in order to produce a "Swiss Made" watch. It is funny when a Swiss movement, say an ETA or Unitas, is assembled outside of Switzerland, then brought back in to have the final screw turned and the movement cased up. At that point, the other parts of the watch such as the strap, case, crystal and dial, can be of foreign origin. It then begs the question, where does the "Swissness" begin and where does it end?

Rolex Submariner Review: 114060 & 116610 Wrist Time Reviews

The Tudor Pelagos comes with both a rubber strap and titanium bracelet - and I will end my review by discussing this important topic. Arguably the most interesting and innovative part of the Tudor Pelagos is the deployant clasp. While Rolex has its Glide-Lock system on the Submariner, the Pelagos has a new experimental system that has yet to have a fancy name. It is both a micro-adjust system as well as a diver's extension, and it is rather cool. So what does our spring-loaded friend do? Well if you look at the clasp bottom you'll see an exposed strip with a little metal indicator. That tells you whether the deployant is in one of three locked positions, or in the spring position. The three locked positions offer three easy to change microadjust spots, and the spring position basically is like a spring-style extension that opens as you pull it and has the springs pull it back tautly.

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IWC Portuguese Chronograph Classic Watch Review

IWC Portuguese Chronograph Classic Watch Review

The design of the watch is quite unique and reminds me of something an American who grew up watching Japanese cartoons would design. That might not be so far from the truth. In my opinion, the design of the Time Bomb II's case and strap look like something "The Guyver" (a Japanese cartoon) would wear. It has plates of titanium over a soft rubber strap. I've seen this done before on watches like the Suunto Observer (with bracelet).

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In the world of watches, "complication" is typically what functions are called. The more things a watch does, the more complications it has. Most of these are historical and have been around for centuries, proving to be useful and interesting. That latter camp of "interesting" complications incorporates a lot of potentially complex features that have arguable utility. Nevertheless, we still enjoy them for the simple effort and time required to produced and assemble them. They exist for the sheer love of things "complicated."

The Stratos Flyback Striking 10th houses the lauded Striking 10th movement in the well-received Stratos case while looking modern and paying homage to the original 1069 tri-color El Primero subdials. The fact that it was worn on a record breaking jump from near space is just icing on the horological cake. It may not be unique in and of itself but this watch should be sought after for years to come. Read a hands-on look at the the El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th here. Price is ,100.

EHF Horlegere Mk Zero Watch Giveaway Winner Announced

EHF Horlegere Mk Zero Watch Giveaway Winner Announced

Stopping Time With Meistersinger Watches Feature Articles

I've taken apart a BR01 case before, and you'd be surprised how complicated it is to access the movement. The one-piece case has the bezel lift out and with it the case and dial. All the screws on the case are totally functional, and it is a delicate item that is much more sophisticated than some basic case where a movement pops into the back. I am not trying to defend Bell & Ross or the pricing of luxury brands which of course is higher than it "needs to be," but I am merely pointing out facts that others tend to not be aware of when complaining that simple looking high-end timepieces inherently require less detail than more complex looking timepieces. Moving on, this again is one of my favorite BR01 collection pieces and if you are looking for the right model in the collection, this could be for you. Price for the Bell & Ross BR01-93 GMT watch is ,000.

Tissot PRS 516 Extreme Automatic Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Oris Rallies Up A New Limited Edition RAID Watch For 2013

Oris Rallies Up A New Limited Edition RAID Watch For 2013

As for "passive" features which are constantly there for you, built into the timepiece we have to note the new vibration-resistant configuration developed by Casio following an R&D visit to Infiniti Red Bull Racing. The fundamentals for this unique construction are coming from the insights and feedback of the F1 team's mechanics and engineers. In F1, the watches are much more subject to vibration than to shocks - for example when the drivers are in the car, or when the mechanics are using the wrench to replace the tires. These all cause fairly strong vibrations that cannot be allowed to reach the inner workings of the timepiece. In order to offset these effects, the timekeeping module is encased in a highly vibration-resistant alpha gel made of 'silicon and other materials'. So while these watches are definitely on the more elegant side, Casio wanted to ensure that they can be subjected to some shaky situations and come out without any issues whatsoever as far as chronometric performance is concerned.

An inevitable consequence of these pieces belonging to this bygone era, is that you have to get everything right from the very moment you start working on such an item. One wrong move - if something pops, breaks or gets lost, you will hardly ever figure out how it originally worked or how to reconstruct it. No wonder then, that the Restoration Department is a separate island, an oasis on its own, compared to all other facilities we visited there. The only thing that comes close to that level of seclusion is the atelier for high complications, but more about that in part two of this article. For now, let's discover how restoration works in practice, how it affected and continues to influence the everyday life of Parmigiani Fleurier.

Parmigiani: Watchmakers Of Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow Inside the Manufacture
An antique clock with moonphase display, being restored in the workshop of Parmigiani

MB&F LM2 Legacy Machine No. 2 Watch

MB&F LM2 Legacy Machine No. 2 Watch

Legibility is a key factor for of all pilots watches and that necessitates the use of large and effortlessly distinguishable hands, easy-to-read numerals and proper contrast between all of these elements on the dial. Consequently, all three watches have gold-plated luminous hands as well as luminous numerals that contrast nicely against the black dial to provide strong legibility, even in low-light conditions. The cases are stainless steel and measure 41 millimeters in diameter - but don't forget that excludes the added width of the long winding stem and the rather large crown!

Inside the Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4 watch is their new caliber HW4501 that is manually wound with a 50 hour power reserve. The movement apparently requires 160 hours to build and assemble (each one) and is comprised of 345 parts. Indications on the dial are simple but interesting. You have a dedicated dial for the hours, one for the minutes, and a power reserve indicator. There is no dedicated seconds dial save for the hand on the tourbillon that is like a five minute seconds indicator. Though you can track the hand in 60 second increments if you are timing something.

I recently reported on Forbes regarding Rolex's new Facebook page here. They also have a YouTube channel that launched last year. Rolex's social media efforts are pertinent to their overall branding efforts and mark a rather good use of the media from a communications standpoint - though like many brands, they shy away from creating or encouraging an conversant community. A new series of clever and short videos will make up the newly launched "Rolex And Icons" campaign. To start, Rolex has produced two videos detailing how Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley were famous Rolex wearers.

A few years ago Omega designed the De Ville Hour Vision which is what all modern De Ville models are based on. Omega went back to the roots of what the De Ville collection was supposed to be and come out with a visually interesting dressy men's watch with a touch of classic design as well a subtle Art Deco aesthetic. The Hour Vision also featured the new (at the time) Omega caliber 8500 automatic movement - which was an in-house made Omega caliber that of course contained a Co-Axial Escapement.

When we last visited a Braun watch it was a review of the digital BN106 (reviewed here). Now we take you to an analog timepiece that represents another side of their design abilities. Still modern and Bauhaus-style minimalistic, this BN0095 range isn't a bad choice for someone looking for a simple yet stylish daily wear. In Braun's "Prestige" range, this is among their top selections. We look at both the brushed steel and PVD black coated steel versions.

So let's discuss the new dial - which is really what the Kendrick is all about. Xetum retains its smart looking vertically written logo, and offers a pleasantly symmetrical dial. The date window is black on black and not obtrusive so as not to disturb the symmetrical feel. On this black dial I like the white ring around the dial that connects with each of the hour markers. A separate distinct dot or Arabic numeral doubles the hour markers to increase legibility and add an additional style element. The dial feels minimalistic, mostly because of the fact that everything on it is rounded. The softening touch of all the curves is a primary reason for the dial's eye-pleasing appeal.

Tech specs from MB&F: Horological Machine No.5 On the Road Again

Hands-on with the ArtyA Son of Sound was an experience with one of the more interesting watches from one of the more interesting brands at Baselworld 2013. We first debuted the Son of Sound guitar-style watch here. Certainly polarizing, the Son of Sound is a further effort by ArtyAs Yvan Arpa to connect with the rock and rollers his brand does so well with. While still in prototype form, the piece turned out to be quite interesting.

Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon 45mm Watches Hands-On Hands-On

I've heard it said - and maintain myself, to some degree - that if you're going to have a quartz watch, make sure it's doing something that a mechanical can't do. With the solar cells of the NMX 1000, you've got something not even an automatic can do - gather energy just by sitting in light.

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At SIHH 2013, the most prestigious of the actually many prestigious new Jaeger-LeCoultre watches was a new version of the famous Gyrotourbillon. I don't think it is exactly what a lot of Gyrotourbillon fans were expecting given its return to a very classical demeanor and style, but it is a truly new Gyrotourbillon with some interesting features. As part of the master collection, this new piece is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 Jubilee watch.