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So why am I so concerned about what is being said about a too expensive, highly limited watch? For one thing I find the product fascinating.  I am hungry for details on the mechanics and what went into it. I mean, we are talking about the most complicated watch in the world. The thing is beautiful, I want details people! But a more important point is that the very discussion of the watch has an important role in getting people more interested in mechanical watches. I make it clear that I am trying to get more Americans interested in watches and mechanical watches. All of you who are reading this know that most of the people close to you are sort of curious as to why you like watches so much - like it is some personality defect. But we know they are just among "the uninitiated." A further reason why this is all important is because some of these complications will inevitably fall into lower cost timepieces. No matter how much I wanted this watch, I can't afford .5 million. If any of you can, please enjoy your privileged lives. For the rest of us, we can develop an appreciation for the technology now, and recognize it later when Jaeger-LeCoultre or another company places it in a watch that our lifestyles and budgets can finally stomach. By the way, aren't the stacked pushers on the side of the case really cool (as seen above)?

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Wow, these are pretty wild I have to say. From the odd and rare Tiret New York watch company comes the Gotham collection of watches. Here are the Chronograph and Power reserve models, and I hear there is a GMT version as well. Based on Batman's version of New York, the Gotham is a mixture of square modernism, art deco, and sheer horological goodness. I would wear the thing for sheer novelty value.

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I recently wrote about chef Mario Batali and the special Ernst Benz Chronoscope for in his honor/image. A lot of people felt very strongly about it. Some people liked it, some people didn't, but most sorta voiced a general dissent of Mario Batali himself. Well, the man does use lots of butter and oil in his cooking, but the orange watch done for him by Ernst Benz wasn't half bad. Mario Batali isn't the only celebrity chef to wear an Ernst Benz watch. One of my favorite TV chefs also has one, and can be seen wearing it his show on the Travel Channel, "No Reservations." I am of course talking about New Yorker Anthony Bourdain.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the dial. The most important part of the watch. It is covered in a gently curved sapphire crystal that has been anti reflective (AR) coated on the inside. Each of the hour markers is large and has a rich amount of SuperLumiNova applied on top of a highly polished steel base. It make for a good look. I would have however liked the hour indicator at 12 o'clock to be different looking, but that is a personal preference. The hands are also easy to read and share the high level of polish and luminant coating. I would have liked the the luminant to extend a bit further down the hands though - a small issue. Overall the dial is very easy to read, and has individual minute markers. The center of the dial has a slightly depressed ring that is normally for the hour hand to follow. This is a curious part of the design that frankly took me a while to figure out. At first glance I though the numbers scale was upside down. Meaning that the top of the ring shows "30" and the bottom shows "0." It seems as though it should be the other way around, and then I realized that this scale is meant to be followed by the counterweight arrow on the seconds hand, not the front of it. Using that end of the seconds hand to follow the center ring, it makes sense. Accordingly, the red lightning bolt with arrow as the counterweight of the seconds hand is a nice touch that I enjoy.

Even though the case is 52mm wide, it should be relatively light given the titanium case material. The leather strap is thickly made and uses a very good style of double contrast stitching in both red and yellow to match the tones of the dials. PVD is applied to the case to give it the black colors. The process must be very touch to result in the checkerboard look on the side as well as the BRM logo on the face of the watch. Price for this timepiece on James List right now is about ,500.

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See my Franc Vila EVO 8 Cobra watch article on AskMen.com.

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All-black is the new black. Bell & Ross was a pioneer in this respect, and helped make the low-contrast style as popular as it is today.

See the Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica site here.

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Morpheus Culinary Watch Review

Morpheus Culinary Watch Review

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Now that Swarovski is branching out into watches, though, they seriously need to improve their website. They have such an enviable product, with great name recognition, that they need to position themselves more as a luxury item.

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Angular Momentum Urushi Red & Black Japanese Lacquer Watch Collection

Angular Momentum Urushi Red & Black Japanese Lacquer Watch Collection

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A few weeks ago you may recall that I notified you that aBlogtoRead.com would be down for a bit. That was the first phase of the upgrades to make aBlogtoRead.com faster, and more powerful for you. Well that was a band-aid compared to what I am doing now. As such, I am undergoing a more intensive full web host migration. The site will be down a bit, can't say how long. No matter what, aBlogtoRead.com will be back and serious soon. Wish me luck!

Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch – 0,000

Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch – 0,000

If you are wondering what the pusher at 2 o'clock is used for, it adjusts the day of the week display next to the date. It is good that the pusher is screw-down. In addition to this aiding the watch's water resistance, it prevents you from accidentally pushing it and changing the day of the week without meaning to do so. The watch crown has a nice engraved Orient logo which is a nice touch, especially on a price at this level.

This watch is a self-admitted combination of luxury watch making and the "art" of graffiti from watch maker Pierre DeRoche. What is charming is that the Swiss watch maker sought out a Swiss based graffiti artist - who'd a thought right? The artist they worked with is Sigi “Dare” von Koeding, who takes graffiti art and makes it into fine art. I like his work, but think that it might be hard for lots of people to take it too seriously depending on the role that graffiti has played in their life. I for one being born and raised in Los Angeles have a perception that while graffiti is a cool art form, it has a strong association with vandalism - which is true when you think about how it all started. You should check out the link to his site (click his name above) for views of his work.

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Part of me has a love/hate relationship with Audemars Piguet. I really enjoy many of their watches, although I don't think they are perfect. Some of their designs are so classic and still hip, and I find myself really liking some of the pieces. Then I think to myself how overpriced some of the stuff is, and how a lot of what the company is - epitomizes the snobby luxury watch culture that I personally reject. Anyhow, this is the Forged Carbon version of the Royal Oak Offshore watch. A neat bumble bee of a timepiece with a lot of stuff going on. Stealth-wealth exterior and a fancy manufacture made movement inside.

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I last want to say that if this case occurred in the US, applying US law, I don't think the case would have lasted quite that long. European laws tend to be more protective of intellectual property when it comes to art (and watch design falls into that). In the US, really only copyright or trademark law could have applied. The use of screws on dials, and frames around subdials has been done before, and frequently. So have overlapping subdials. Thus, I feel that at least in the US, FP Journe would have had a really hard time finding an issue that contained a true question of the law in this regard in the first place   - let alone a 5 year long legal battle. Which again, is why you so infrequently see cases like this.

What? I can't write a woman's watch review because I am a man? Sure I can. I would guess that half of all women's watches are bought by men for women. Which is also actually probably true about women buying men's watch for men. Plus, there's the fact that most of you are men, so you wouldn't be buying this watch for yourself. Unless you REALLY like the watch. This Orient Ladies' Automatic (CDB01005W) is a really good watch for the money - which retails for 0, but goes for about 0 - 5 at most retailers. The design is modeled after some familiar women's watches from makers like Hamilton (think the women's Jazzmaster), Frederique Constant, and others like the Zenith El Primero Star Open watch series. The homage to these other fine watches is just fine, because Orient really does a good job of capturing a great look for a value price. The watches even have an Orient Japan -made automatic movement inside (the Orient Calibre 46A40). There are two views to the movement on the watch. This is sometimes called an "open heart" watch - as the window on the dial reveals the balance wheel and escapement in action (which is the "heart" of the watch). Another heart-shaped window on the rear of the watch provides another view into the movement.