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Tissot offers up a new T-Navigator watch for 2011 and it is a very desirable collection of timepieces. Relatively affordable and good looking, this range is going to find itself on a lot of wrists. The first thing that I noticed, aside from the aviator style dial, is the amount of detail that went into the case. Most aviator watches have rather blase, ho-hum cases that aren't very exciting. Offering a more technical and modern interpretation of the classic aviator, Tissot ensures that the cases themselves are as interesting as the dials.

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Montana Watch Company puts a good look on the face of American crafts. As a watch maker I feel they add nicely to the home-grown offerings we have here in the US - and I don't think anyone will complain about their use of Swiss movements.

Blancpain Tribute To Fifty Fathoms Aqua Lung Watch Hands-On

Blancpain Tribute To Fifty Fathoms Aqua Lung Watch Hands-On

The Decalogue watch itself is 40mm wide in 18k white gold (also available in steel I believe). It is said to be also be made by Konstantin Chaykin. The bezel is designed to look a bit like a star with many (many) points. Crystals are sapphire and there is of course a display caseback. It is matched to an alligator strap.

Rarely do you see a vintage piece with hands which are too short or completely preposterous design features. Purism with a hint of class was the predominant aesthetic choice back a couple of generations ago. In today's sea of retro-themed watches I see the good and the bad. The high-end and wannabe high-brow. To be honest I wish there were less of these watches, and that brands would focus more on having fun and making unique watches rather than playing follow-the-leader after they just finished a speech on how they were the first to do everything and overly using the term "audacious." In fact, my new rule to watch brands (and yes, I not speaking directly to all the European brands) is stop using the term "audacious" or "audacity." I don't care what you think it means or what the dictionary says, but to us native English speakers, it more or less means "rude." So stop proudly claiming how you, your watch makers, and your brand's founders are so unapologetically audacious.

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My hands-on experience is with an unfinished 1f4 prototype. While it is mostly completed the lighter dial side is not get done. It still has additional finishing to receive as well as at least one hand. In total this watch will have 18k gold 16 hands. So what it is thing? The watch is just called the Loiseau 1f4. Manufactured under the brand name Loiseau, by the man Loiseau.

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One of the things I really appreciate about Hublot is that they don't do everything directly to sell watches. A lot of their events and projects are for charity or to further development in the horological world. Yes, of course, there is a branding element to each of these projects and it gets people write about the brand that might not otherwise cover a wrist watch story, but in the end it makes for a very dynamic Hublot.

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Reference: AL-880LB4V6/ AL-880LS4V6
Delivered in a special gift box with an Extreme 40 boat miniature

A man and lady companion come in and are interested in a rare limited edition Bell & Ross watch limited to around 250 pieces. It does surprise me a bit that his interest is so high given that he is also in a room of totally unique watch creations. The watch that will likely go for the most is a Patek Philippe minute repeater tourbillon. It is the only watch there kept in a secure sanitary bag with the brand's name printed on it and is likely the least exciting piece visually. Impeccable in execution no doubt, the Patek feels like a watch from another era being very small and demure compared to its auction lot colleagues.

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For fun the chronograph pushers look a bit like engine pistons. On the rear of the watch is Jacky Ickx signature and some limited edition graphics. For the record, I think that almost every Jacky Ickx watch (from and brand) has his signature on the dial or elsewhere on the watch. I am not sure of the exact movement inside of these pieces. According to Chopard they are built on a Swiss ETA 2892 automatic base with a chronograph and big date module. The movements have power reserves of 40 hours and are COSC Chronometer certified. In addition to the 24 hour chronograph and big date, you should know that the chronograph has a flyback function and the time is a stop seconds (which means the seconds stop when you pull out the crown).

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Up in the mountains of Switzerland watch movements are made. Down in the city of Geneva watches are borne. The contrast between the people who make the inside of watches and the outside of them is a benefit to the industry. You want watchmakers to be focused, hard workers who dedicate their lives to building high performance mechanical machines. On the other hand you want designers to be more cosmopolitan souls with an eye on culture and art.

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Description Caliber MHO­138

In my opinion Breitling popularized watches like this for the mainstream. Although the Aerospace watch has a quartz movement, it is highly functional, and super accurate with its ETA Superquartz movement. This sold a lot of people on the concept. Like I said, it was the Omega X-33 that I think had collectors and more enthusiast types take notice. Why all the buzz? Well when it comes down to it, you can have the convenience and functionality of a quartz watch, in the shell of a nice analog watch. Toting around a plastic quartz watch simply doesn't give you the same feeling or respect that something with a good-link metal case does. Watches like this are one part "disguise," and one part nod to the need for watches to be functional tools.

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Interestingly enough I got have a hands-on (well sort of) experience with the car itself after seeing the watch itself. So rather than see the inspiration before the piece, I saw the piece before the inspiration. Last month in Paris I got to see the car first hand (no photography allowed) at the Ralph Lauren car collection exhibit held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (which is part of the Lourve). It is actually still going on and I highly recommend it if you are in Paris by August 28th, 2011.

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The AL46 comes with a few strap options. There are two rubber strap styles and this 22mm wide PVD black metal bracelet. The bracelet has a double-locking deployment with a micro-adjust. It isn't anything fancy but looks good and functions well. On the wrist the Al46 is comfortable and does not cause any complaints - though some people who are sensitive to protruding crowns might have an issue. I am not one of these people given where watches sit on my wrist, but it does affect some people.

Knowing that vintage Longines watches that include their own movements are hot in the collector's market, I started to ask Mr. von Kanel if this surprised him. Especially since he has been at the brand since they were making their own movements and can quickly recall much of the brand's history. CEO's like him are very difficult to find as he really knows so much about his own brand. He ended up giving me a large book on Longines watch movements that contained each caliber they have ever made. I recommend checking that out for brand collectors.